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Posted on: 09/22/09 9:32 AM | by Jonathan McKee

The whole twittering phenomena has been interesting to watch. I’ve resisted, mostly because I think my tweets would be boring (I’m on a plane, I’m writing, I’m on another plane, I’m watching my kid’s soccer game, I’m eating hot wings, I’m freaking exhausted!).

But the Twitter craze continues to boom, even being a big part of the MTV VMA’s preshow this year. (Who is being Twittered about the most on the red-carpet?)

My dad just passed an interesting article to me from Fast Company, a magazine that stays on the cutting edge of successful business ventures. The article is about proven ways to get “Retweeted on Twitter,” highlighting what tweets people want to read and the most ReTweetable (RT) words and phrases. 

I found it fascinating how many of the methods go against what might seem to be popular practices, especially among tweens. For example: the article says to avoid tweeting about idle chit-chat, “boring” activities like just watching TV. Hubspot’s viral marketing scientist Dan Zarrella (an avid Twitter-er who spent nine months analyzing roughly 5 million tweets and 40 million retweets) also suggested that Tweeters “Don’t Be Stupid,” knocking the traditional abbreviations and emoticons… you know, like 🙂 Successful retweets also have more punctuation (something most teenagers’ texting does not).


Click here for the entire article.

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  1. yeah, i think it’s funny that teens break most of the rules that experts come up with with – and to be fair to the “experts” – teens often have pretty poor success in gaining followers.

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