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Posted on: 02/22/10 1:26 AM | by Jonathan McKee

The Great Commission… redefined.

Don’t worry… it’s not blasphemy. The words “The Great Commission” aren’t in the scriptures. That’s a term we came up with later… a term that isn’t really used by this generation.

That’s why Greg has labeled it, ‘The Cause.”

If you’ve been around me for a while, you’ve probably heard the name Greg Stier. Greg is a friend of mine who is passionate about evangelism. He started the organization Dare 2 Share about a decade ago, and since then has been equipping students to not only live out their faith, but be ready for real life conversations about Jesus.

A few weeks ago we launched another one of our free podcasts, Episode #34, this one another interview with Greg Stier (he’s been on several of our podcasts before). I listened to it recently (it’s been a while since we recorded it) and was laughing out loud! Greg is a lot of fun. In this conversation David, Greg and I talk about the Great Commission and what that really means! Greg labels it “The Cause.” He goes into details about the history of it, what it looks like in our lives, and more. Fun stuff!

I’ve been hearing tons of good feedback about it. I just received this email last week from one of our podcast listeners:

Jon (David and Greg);
I wish to let you know how thoroughly I enjoyed episode 34; you guys were great at uncovering some misconceptions and giving really practical and “paradigm shift” ideas for transformational evangelism in the lives [making it lifestyle, not just a focus once a year]of our students.  I am a big fan of The Source and everything you guys have been doing these past 10 years and have read and heard from Greg before, [from you and elsewhere] but, this one is a keeper.  I was one of the people who was eagerly listening and taking alot of notes (which I why I have only listened to it now — I wanted to give it the attention it deserved)
Thanks again for an excellent resource and for challenging the way its been done, yet keeping it simple and taking us back to basics.  Pass my thanks on to Greg 🙂

Patrick D Garrett
Youth Pastor @ Oakridge Bible Chapel

I agree with Patrick… that podcast episode #34 with Greg was really a fun conversation… a keeper, as he called it.  🙂

I encourage you to check it out too. You can always find out more about our current podcasts on our podcast page here(iPhone users… you can now access our podcasts directly without even using iTunes. Check out more about that here:

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