Grandma’s Read Beyonce Lyrics

Posted on: 03/19/14 3:36 AM | by Jonathan McKee

This is just too good for me to mess up with words. My friends over at Youth Culture Report tweeted me this. It’s three grandmas reading and commenting on the lyrics of Beyonce’s current hit song, Drunk In Love.


(Warning… these grandmas got mouths on them)

(Click Here if you don’t see the embedded video)

One Reply to “Grandma’s Read Beyonce Lyrics”

  1. That’s awesome! Too funny. I agree with the sentiment and critique of the 3 G-ma’s regarding the song. It is horrible. But the official explicit version of the video on youtube is close to 119 million views and counting. Lost in translation is the fact that Bey is married. The song sounds more like a lady selling out to a promiscuous lifestyle rather than a happy wife extolling the virtues of marriage. I don’t think our teens are getting the right message. Nevertheless, the grandmas’ video was hilarious! Thanks Jon for the laugh!

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