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Posted on: 04/29/15 5:45 AM | by Jonathan McKee

avengers-age-of-ultronWINNER POSTED! (see below)

You know how much I like movies… so I thought I’d have a nice little contest and give away some Avenger tickets for the new film coming out this Friday! (Your choice of the tickets, or the Blu-ray of the first film)

That means you have to respond fast, because I’ll give these tickets away Friday morning!

Winning is simple. I just want to know your opinion. So use this blog’s comment feature to comment in this post and tell me where you live, and what your favorite movie has been in the last year or so that you could actually watch with kids.

There have been movies that I wouldn’t dare show kids (like Kingsman… for reasons I go into here), and there’ve been movies that are really great and have redeemable themes, but have a few moments that might be a little much for younger kids (like Guardians of the Galaxy). Then there’s movies that just deliver all around. (Might this Friday’s new Avengers film be one of those?)

So chime in and tell us what you liked– something you’d show kids without hesitation.

CONTEST DETAILS: For those who chime in as instructed above in my comments below, I’ll randomly choose a winner Friday morning and you can choose two tickets to the brand new Avengers film coming out this Friday (you have to have a theater near you that uses Fandango)(Your choice of the tickets, or the Blu-ray of the first film)

Look for our review of the film shortly on our Movie Reviews & Quick Q’s page!

WINNER: We randomly selected Ed from Mendota, MN as the winner! Thank you all for participating! Enjoy the movie!

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70 Replies to “Giving Away Avengers Tickets”

  1. My wife and I went to see McFarland, USA and enjoyed every minute of the movie. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to see a good movie with values and is from real life. Maybe not as much action as Remember the Titans but it is about Cross Country soooo ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi Jonathan. Paul from Llano Texas! My family really enjoyed “When the Game Stands Tall”. Great for the whole family. Great for having conversations.

  3. It’s an oldie but a goodie…we love watching “The Princess Bride” as a family here in Piqua, OH.

  4. Ok, I’m laying my Man Card on the table right now, so an action flick ticket just might be my redemption.

    My favorite family friendly movie of the past year has been Cinderella. Not only did the creators do a phenomenal job visually and the actors portrayals of the characters were exceptional, I believe this re-telling of this story was sweet and elegant; something that’s been missing in fairy tale re-tells of late.

    Everyone seems to go to “the dark side” (another attempt at reclaiming my Man Card) when it comes to telling fairy tale stories today. Cinderella doesn’t take away from the happily ever after we NEED today. The dark stories are out there everyday in the news. I want my movie-going experience to take me away from all that. Cinderella fits the bill…and creates the PERFECT daddy/daughter date for us dudes.

    Man up, dads. Your Man Card can easily be replaced. Time with your daughter can’t.

    1. That’s awesome. Thanks for risking losing your “Man Card”, Grant. I’ve sat through plenty of chick flicks because I love hanging with my wife and daughters… so I’m right there with you. And they loved Cinderella, by the way.

  5. Sadly, the last movie I can remember watching that would be worth watching with kids was Despicable Me 2, which was definitely not within the last year (or two).

    By the way, we did watch Kingsmen as a family, and I was mortified by the “princess” scene you referred to. Completely unnecessary.

  6. We saw “The Theory of Everything” together. Our children ages 11-13 had so many questions about it. It was great for family conversations about resilience and having dreams and goals.

  7. My wife and I live in Brentwood, Ca!

    I loved the Secret Life of Walter Mitty, it’s a bit out of the 1 year time frame, but it was funny and clean and had great messages of following your dreams and courage! It was awesome!

  8. The last one we saw would be Disney’s live action Cinderella. While I know it isn’t across the board for students (some guys may be too “tough” to see it), it opened up some awesome conversations with students. We got to talk about expectations in relationships, the reality of the fairy tale dream, and looking into what love is.

    Another great one, that is a little older, is Frozen! Our students love that movie and the themes from it are great conversation starters!

  9. Took my 10-year-old daughter to see “Drop Box” when it was in theaters. Worth ordering this documentary – deals with heavy topics in a captivating manner, and in a way our children can watch and understand. Appropriate for all of my kids, ages 8-15.

    1. I love movies like this that show someone moved by compassion and acting on it. I think THE GOOD LIE (Reese Witherspoon) was another one that did that recently.

  10. The movie that surprised me last year was Paddington. I took my two teenage sons (whom I had to drag) and three god-daughters. It was originally the little ones that wanted to go – but we all enjoyed it. There were alto of family value messages in the movie what we were able to talk about later.

  11. Living in the great city of Grand Rapids, MI. My wife and I saw The Imitation Game and really enjoyed it. Haven’t watched it with youth group yet, but likely will be using clips of it at some point. Did watch Do You Believe with a group of high schoolers in the theaters and had insightful comments over Chinese food afterwards.

  12. I from Jasper, IN. Best movie(s) for my family this last year, Big Hero 6 was a great film that we recently watched. My girls are 2 and 6 so Tinkerbell and the Neverbeast was huge, as was Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy. The Lego movie was big for a few weeks, even to the point of picking up the Lego Movie video game. Even though Frozen was two years ago, it plays almost daily still in my house. My wife wrote a paper for her PhD about nonverbal communication in movies- she talked a little bit about Frozen to show the fall of man, the curse of man, the rejection of Christ, the sacrificial love of Christ and how the Love of Christ breaks the curse. It has made me see the movie through new eyes, and how it could be used to have some of those conversations you always talk about.

  13. Hi my name is Jacqui. The last movie my kida and I watched together was left behind a couple of months ago on DVD. I love introducing as much as I can about the Christian life as they love to learn about the Lord. The last movie I watched was “Do you believe” I took my daughter to the theater and she loved it.

  14. During the last year for my family I would definitely give a shout out to “When the Game Stands Tall”. Even my daughter, who is not the sports fanatic as my son & I, love this one.

  15. We loved watching Guardians, but our kids are 9 & 11. For my little niece and nephew, the best family, no question film of the year was … the new ANNIE. Really. Not kidding. Sure I missed Carol Burnett, but this was a better remake than I’d expected.

  16. From Cookeville, Tennessee here’s our family favorite over the last 12 months.
    During the last year for my family I would definitely give a shout out to “When the Game Stands Tall”. Even my daughter, who is not the sports fanatic as my son & I, love this one.

  17. From Cincinnati – at the teenager’s request, we all watched “God’s Not Dead” and enjoyed its theme of sticking to your beliefs in the face of incredible opposition. We’ve also recently gone old-school with them, now that they’re all a little older, and found ourselves laughing at “My Cousin Vinny (in spite of the cursing)”, “Beetlejuice (in spite of the mild sexual jokes)”, and “Groundhog Day”. Everyone now wants to see “The Age of Adeline” and when I mention that Harrison Ford was also in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and “Star Wars”, I get blank stares. Harrison who? Guess we have some catching up to do!

  18. Hey Jonathan,

    I’m in San Jose, Ca. While I have seen many movies over the last year or so, the one that sticks out the most as far as un-hesitantly being able to take kids/youth to see is McFarland USA. This movie is far and away the most underrated movie for kids to see in years I think. The story is based on real events and Kevin Costner gives an academy award quality performance in my opinion.

  19. Big Hero 6 was without a doubt my favorite to watch with kids over the last year. We had lively discussion afterwards about revenge, self-sacrifice and resurrection vs. reincarnation.
    Runner up would probably be Mother’s Day Out.

    1. Big Hero 6 was without a doubt my favorite to watch with kids over the last year. We had lively discussion afterwards about revenge, self-sacrifice and resurrection vs. reincarnation.
      Runner up would probably be Motherโ€™s Day Out.
      i’m from Clute, TX, which is about an hour drive south of Houston.

  20. I am a youth pastor in Muncie, IN and have been in Ministry for almost 7 years! There hasn’t been many movies that I have seen with students! I will admit they see a lot more than I do! I did go with a youth leader and some older students to see Dumb and Dumber Too! Don’t know if that was wise but had some interesting conversations after!

    The Movie I would recommend to anyone is called the Drop Box! I didn’t want to go see it at first because it was a short film and it was one of those three day only events in theaters! It was amazing! Its about this pastor in Korea who saw a need and did something about it! He was tired of seeing newborn children left to die on the streets so he created a baby drop box in his church! Great movie! My wife cried through the whole thing! Has great potential for discussion with students!

  21. From Bowling Green, KY. We went to see “Annie” over Christmas. It was a great family feel-good movie.

  22. I’m from Natchez, MS and we just watched Big Hero 6 last night. It was a great story of how a boys loss can be turned into a source of strength for good. It also shows the values of friendship, teamwork and loyalty.

    Thanks for all you do Jonathan.

  23. I’m from Virden, IL and we took our 4 kids (3 girls, 1 boy, ages 10, 8, 5, 2) to see Cinderella. They all really enjoyed it (well, the 2 year old didn’t give much feedback). The girls really got into the characters and story line, while my 5 year old boy liked the animals and… manimals? The messages of forgiveness, humility, and patiences were definitely great interjections into the conversation over ice cream afterwards.

  24. I’m from Sneads Ferry, NC
    My favorite movie this past year or so was Believe Me. I would watch it with older students and pair it with a discussion about the two instances of profanity (BullS is said twice). I loved it because it has a powerful message that is presented without becoming a sermon like so many of the specifically Christian movies. At the end the main character is faced with a choice, will he do the right thing when it costs him everything? Great lead in for a discussion about sacrifice and the cost of following Jesus. I also enjoyed the parody of evangelical church culture, the segment where they learn how to act like Christians was the best part.

  25. I’m a youth minister in Mendota, MN. I took my twin 10 1\2 year old daughters to see “Selma” on Martin Luther King Day. It was their first real exposure to our country’s history of inequality. It has led to many fruitful discussions since then, as they have both really continued to process the film for months after. One of my daughters was even trying to Google old speeches by Dr. King a few weeks ago. I work at a church in a very white, suburban, privileged area and I wouldn’t hesitate to show it to my high school youth group. It is very powerful, so adults need to prepare to help kids process it. afterwards.

  26. HEY BJ from Owasso OK. We just about rented out a theater to go watch the new Avenger: Age of Ultron. Our kids like the super hero movies. its one of our biggest youth events. the kids love them and it offers great discussions after the show to talk about how they chose to use their gifts everyone of them could use them for good and be a hero, or be selfish and be a villain. then we point out how every one of our youth have gifts too and ask them how they are going to use them.

    Of the super hero movies Iron man has gotten the best talk because he built his suit and the kids talked a lot about how we build each other up and just having God given gifts isn’t enough we need to continue to work on them.

    Praying everyone has such great conversations with their youth!!

  27. Hi from Delphi, Indiana
    I too really enjoyed When the Game Stands Tall. Great for Jr High & Sr High. I also really liked Big Hero 6 & that is one that everyone would enjoy as a family. Both movies lead to great discussion.

  28. The last movie I saw that I’d take our kids to without hesitation was Big Hero 6. I know, it’s a kid’s movie already… but it was great! ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. “Do You Believe” was the last one I took our youth to see. Brought out some really good discussion. Before was “When The Game Stands Tall”, they enjoyed it!!!!

  30. I’m from Marianna, AR. The last movie I saw that I’d take our kids to without hesitation was Big Hero 6. I know, it’s a kid’s movie already… but it was great! ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. I’m Chad from Cedar Rapids, IA and I’m a “Big Hero 6” fan. There, I said it. Can I get my tickets now? Kidding aside, it was actually the first movie in a theater my 4-year-old daughter has ever seen. A bit scary at points for her, but gave us chances to walk her through it. Would not hesitate to show it to my youth group, though.

  32. Hi Jonathan! Time to get you on Carrie Abbott’s radio show again. ๐Ÿ™‚ My favorite movie hands down with my own daughter and then her friends after leading them through a Bible Study was Cinderella. It was excellent and so sweet! The girls swooned over the prince. They loved how kindness and courage even in the face of adversity was her superpower strength. Cinderella delivered a great message upon our completion of the True Beauty Bible Study!

    1. I always have a good time on Carrie’s show. Happy to do it again- have her contact me. Yes… Cinderella seems like it is one of the favorite’s this year.

  33. Cave Creek, AZ… Big Hero 6 was great. Had a wonderful discussion about giving up your life for someone else with my 8 year old. He wants to see this Avengers so bad. All he has talked about for weeks.

  34. Martinsville, VA

    I enjoyed Mockingjay. My wife and I are really into the Hunger Games trilogy. It provides opportunities to discuss plenty of things with our kids, including when is violence necessary, how does war affect people on all sides of a conflict, use of alcohol, and relationships.

  35. I’m Chusi from Coppell, TX. I loved the Secret life of Walter Mitty. Great story, beautiful images, uplifting.

  36. I have 3 young kids and Big Hero 6 was a huge hit with them. It also has so much possibility for watching my with youth as well! Great option for discussions on big topics!

  37. Close call with these two. Exodus of God’s & Kings. I have two middle school boys & being able to watch it gave us a chance to look at the scripture text to compare but also to talk about the cinematography of the film.
    2nd was When Games Stand Tall. Being an active high school football coach & youth pastor this was a great film to talk about with our students as well as athletes.

  38. I live in Aurora, Illinois and the Director of Youth Ministries at the First United Methodist Church of Downers Grove, Illinois. My favorite movie this past year that you can watch with kids has been The Lego Movie. So great, funny and with a good message! ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. Our favorite family-friendly movie recently is “When the Game Stands Tall”…a true and inspiring story safe for the whole family. Great themes, spiritual content and lessons for kids, parents and coaches. A movie all of us enjoyed (11yo to adult).
    Thanks for asking for our vote!

  40. Hey, Jonathan,

    This is Steven from Clifton, TX. McFarland USA was a great movie! It was so good, the entire High School went to go see it during school hours!

  41. Hmmm… We liked Big Hero 6, Guardians and more. But my hubby and I just got to see a screening of The War Room (Kendrick brothers) last night and it was awesome!! It will be released in August and I highly recommend it!

  42. Great works Jonathan. Keep it up. This past year, I have really enjoyed Interstellar. Wonderful movie. Westminster, CA

  43. I live in Halstead, KS and have not made it out to the movies with my family much, but this last year did see Cinderella with my wife and kids. It didn’t really hold the attention of a 4 year old girl or 2 year old boy (and the 10 year old boy didn’t really care too much) so we ended up leaving early.

  44. Hey Jonathan!

    The last movie ticket I paid for was to take my daughter Natalie to see Cinderella. The remake was absolutely charming and fun, lively, and visually stunning. I don’t care how old you are….40-something, 20-something, or 5-ish….it is a story worth seeing and enjoying again. We loved it, and it was so nice to walk out of the theater with a spring in your step for a change!! — Julie in Folsom ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. i liked the movies holes, city of ember. good stories to expand on with the students i work with

  46. I reside in Butler, PA. A great family movie that my wife and I saw recently was When the Game Stands Tall. We did not take our two daughters with us only because we were trying to have a date night. However, I think it would be a movie that the whole family would enjoy down the road.

  47. I’m from Granite Falls, NC. I agree with many that have been mentioned. This week My boys and I watched “Unbroken”. The strive and determination to over come was amazing. I do not think I could have handled it. It was brutally honest in the portrayal, but it was good for my teen boys to see what these brave men faced.

  48. My family is from Schaefferstown, Pa and we took our children to see the Hobbit trilogy. I felt all 3 of the movies were on board for my 16, 13, and 12 year old to see. Understanding a bit about the real-lifestyle choices of some of their favorite characters in the three movies enhanced our discussions immensely. Not to mention the sneakiness of the characters themselves; Bilbo Baggins and Golum’s obsession with the ring and how that affected both of them throughout their lifetime. Great lessons for all ages including us, the parents.

  49. I am actually showing my youth group Interstellar! I have made some deep questions that will reflect the movie’s time questions.

  50. Big Hero 6! Awesome movie that talks about sacrifice, love, relationships, purpose! Just a fantastic opportunity to help spread the Gospel by showing the sacrifice Christ made for us and to also bring in how that sacrifice gives us purpose! Love it!

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