Filtering Rihanna’s BBHMM

Posted on: 07/9/15 5:45 AM | by Jonathan McKee

rihanna-BBHMM-videoRihanna released a brand new music video this month that is already causing a stir. The world would describe this scandalous video as shrewd marketing. Others, “art”…


I call it “selling out.”

Regardless, Rihanna knew that the over-the-top violence, nudity and even racial hatred would ruffle feathers… and garner web traffic!

The explicit video is heading toward 20 million views already.

And music videos like this always stir up a question I hear at literally every one of my parent workshops:

“How can I block this stuff from my kid’s phone?”

That’s why I just wrote a brand new Parenting Help article on titled “Filtering Rihanna.” This article provides a step-by-step guide (and plenty of helpful links) for parents who want to learn a little about the parental controls on their kids’ phones.

enable restrictionsThe article actually details how to turn off iTunes or edit the content on iTunes so their kids can’t see the nudity even in the 30-second previews. It also provides insight on setting the blocks on mobile TV and movie content.

More importantly, the article stresses the fact that while filters are helpful, they aren’t foolproof, and should never be seen as a replacement for consistent parent-to-child dialogue. Today’s parents need to understand the necessity for creating a climate of continual conversations in a world so full of distractions.

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