How Christians React to the Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage

Posted on: 07/7/15 5:45 AM | by Jonathan McKee

The dust (and pink confetti) is slowly settling since the June 26th Supreme Court decision to legalize same sex marriage in all 50 states. The question is, how are Christians responding?

Barna released a fascinating glimpse last week revealing that not only Americans, but different denominations land all over the spectrum on this issue. For example, 53% of Catholics favor the Supreme Court’s decision (strongly or somewhat), where only 2% of Barna’s definition of an Evangelical favor the decision. At the same time, most the country seems to agree this decision was inevitable.

Barna breaks it down nicely on this chart:


So the big question we should be asking is (and have asked before), how should we respond?

I love what Justin Anderson, pastor of Redemption Church in the middle of San Francisco, told Christianity Today:

“If the gospel is true, then eventually those whom Christ is saving and the Holy Spirit is revealing itself to will open eyes to see that this thing [the sexual revolution] is bankrupt,” he said. “We absolutely have to have open arms, and leave judgment and ridicule and ‘I told you so’ behind. We have to be ready with the gospel to welcome people into life and truth.”

How are you responding?

5 Replies to “How Christians React to the Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage”

  1. I always try to not respond to these, but they’re just to much fun. If Christians can be a broken record on the issue, then so can I.

    Lets see….Gays and Lesbians now have the same rights as all other married couples do. That’s it. The sky will not fall. Religious rights will not be harmed, and going by what I’ve seen if a lead of a Church doesn’t want to do a wedding they won’t have too, and even as a supporter of Gays and Lesbians, I feel that is quite just. I highly doubt the evil Gays and Lesbians are going to come at churches with flaming torches and demand to be married. Even saying otherwise, Christians still see Gays and Lesbian as they saw them in Sodom and Gamorrah. Even when you talk to them face to face and half your brain sees them as nothing but human beings, to you they are living in sin, and even though you say it’s just one sin among many, and not to be considered as bad as others, it still considered worse than the others. This is what we hear, and yet you wonder why hardly anyone from my Gen or the one’s after seem to take you seriously at all on the issue. Christians no longer control information. You say one thing and we’ll put it to the test.

    Always remember that the greatest enemy of Christians on the issue, is not the devil, is not the government, is not supporters, it’s the greatest enemy of all……..

    TIME……One Generation passes, another takes it’s place. The world seems no worse for it.


  2. I think Sean is missing something here. This is not a question of if your marriage is harmed. You can apply that to abortion and it doesn’t harm a marriage that is completely outside of the people involved in said abortion, but that doesn’t make it morally right or sanctioned by Christianity. Maybe Sean is thinking that this decision makes the world a better place, like a Coke commercial. The Bible is clear on that. The world is turning away from God and the apostasy has begun, with Christians being “thrilled” over this decision. So people are thrilled that our government has legalized what the Bible calls “sin.” Look, I’m not applying my faith on anyone if they don’t believe it. But it you are a Christian, there is no wiggle room. In the end, God will put to rest all the “hot button” issues of our time. I don’t need a group of 5 justices to decide for me. God has already decided and I trust Him. I see that this young generation is falling away to the secular world more than any other. That is another consequence of our society turning it’s back on God. And to your point of religious rights not being harmed, what about bakers, photographers, and others involved in the marriage business? I’ve read the stories about their religious rights being harmed. They lose their business, they are fined, and SILENCED by the courts for their religious belief.

  3. Well I’m not a Christian or a believer in any Gods, so I have plenty of wiggle room. And I don’t see society turning it’s back on anything, it’s just growing up.

    and, No, I don’t think this decision makes the world a better place. IT neither does or doesn’t. Well unless you count Gays and Lesbian having the same right and benefits of Marriage, which was the point of the whole debate to begin with. IT wasn’t, “LETS MAKE THE CHRISTIANS MARRY US.” Also I doubt many Gay couples will fine it hard to find a church to do their ceremony. Lots more open minded Christians than you think.

    You can fuss all you want, what is done is done.

  4. and what is this sexual revolution non-sense that it’s being called now among Christians. You’re over thinking the situation trying to make it seem like more than it is.

    It’s people getting married. And thing that had to deal with a sexual revolution has already been there done that ages ago.

    Gay and Lesbian couples don’t just magically appear every time something goes in their favor. They’ve been here a long time, it’s not a new thing, it’s not a REVOLUTION. And even if it was it ended when the ruling passed. It’s just as sustainable as traditional marriage it.

    You people are weird.

  5. Well, for my faith I’ve been called worse than weird. So nothing I said actually applies to you, since you don’t believe in any gods and aren’t a Christian. Oh well. What’s done is done, so true, since for me that is a sovereign God who knows all and one day that is every knee bowing and every tongue confessing. So there is no judgment from me, that is for God. I’m not looking for a political or national savior. SCOTUS is not greater than God. Sean, have a nice day. You people and the open minded (I’ll call them misguided Christians) are loved and prayed for more than you know.

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