Easter talks, ideas, movie clip discussions…

Posted on: 03/28/18 9:54 AM | by Jonathan McKee

It’s amazing how many FREE resources there are that can help us dialogue about Jesus this week approaching Easter.

I was just clicking through our TheSource4YM.com movie clip discussions page and watched some amazing clips (from secular movies no doubt) with CLEAR Gospel presentations or scenes begging for discussion (I still can’t believe how clear Steven Spielberg’s film Amistad presented the Gospel!!)

For those of you in ministry who are looking for impactful Easter discussions… we’ve got a bunch of free ones for you.

I won’t waste time. Here’s some free resources from our youth ministry website TheSource4YM.com:


Paint by Number-Body of Christ

Jesus Face to Face- a four week sermon series

EASTER MOVIE CLIP/YouTube DISCUSSIONS (talks from movie or YouTube clips with small group questions)

Ben Hur- Water from a strange

It’s Friday… but Sunday’s Coming

Amistad- More than a story

Superman Returns- People crying for a savior

Spiderman II- Everybody Loves a Hero

Pirates of the Caribbean- Curse of the Black Pearl


Egg Obstacle Course



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  1. I’m doing the Amistad movie and devo tonight. Thanks for all the ideas Jonathan, you are my go to person for devotionals and bible class resources.

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