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Posted on: 11/9/09 1:59 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Last week I shared with you a little about my new book CONNECT, a book that I think will be a great tool helping anyone who is connecting with today’s teenagers (many of you have already pre-ordered it- you’ll get it early December).

Today in the mail I received some glossy prints of my full cover design– the people at Zondervan did a great job with this one! The back cover looks great (I’ve seen the front for a while now). They added some of the endorsements from guys who’ve read the book and are plugging it: Dan Kimball, Walt Mueller, Jim Burns, Dare 2 Share’s Greg Stier and Young Life’s Dan Jessup. Check it out:


I also like how they added the “six types of kids” that we need to connect with to the back cover. Good stuff.

On the front- I’m excited that they kept my little “chain link” icon that I’ve been using for my CONNECT seminar for the past few years. They incorporated it nicely into the front cover design. Those of you who saw the cover before might also notice a small change on the front. They added Dr. Dave Rahn’s quote on the front– great quote.

Click here to get our special deal on this book. We’ve got the lowest price, we’re shipping it early December (everyone else is in January), and we’re giving away a free ppt. training that corresponds with the book- one that you youth workers can use to train your leaders how to connect with students.

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  1. Is it too late to add this quote:
    “Jon McKee is off the stinking chain or hook or whatever the saying is now. Actually, hold on while I check out thesource to find out which one it is. He could probably make some money is he didn’t give away all his awesome ideas for free on a website. Great guy, not much of a businessman. How in the world does he make it? You can’t just give away awesome tools for reaching youth for Christ. He’ll shut down in a week if the Lord doesn’t intervene. Please buy this book before he gives it to you.” Rev. Mr. Jon Forrest, Nothing.
    Seriously, I’m so glad the Lord blesses you. You are the youth pastor’s best friend.

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