My Artistic Skills

Posted on: 11/26/12 3:01 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Every year when we break out the Christmas ornaments… my kids start making fun of my baby Jesus.

Yes. I made it… when I was about 10 years old! It was a church ornament-making party and I made this amazing Baby Jesus ornament with my excellent, artistic, ornament-making skills!

My kids weren’t impressed. In fact, they’ve come up with some really mean names for this ornament over the years.

Come on… it’s not that bad… or is it? (note the curly-cue)

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11 Replies to “My Artistic Skills”

  1. Jonathan!! You inspired me man. I ran the marathon yesterday and ALMOST got below 4 hours. I ran a 4:18:11. Pace was just under 10 min. miles. Just wanted you to know! Keep in touch and keep up the good work!!

  2. It is totally adorable, but your kids are required by federal law to make fun of you. With every mean name they are saying “I love you.” Smile!

  3. It looks a little like a ‘pig in a blanket’ snack food (no offense, Jesus!)

  4. It looks like it an Oscar Meyer weiner that followed the Jewish law for males to the letter…then plopped down to recoup in a toasted bun softened by a lot of mustard squiggles. Just sayin’

  5. Jon, i like your baby Jesus. It’s a funny family memory that your kids will talk about for years. It reminds me of our family Christmas tree tradition. My mother-in-law has an ornament that is an ugly green pickle. After she sets up her tree she hides the pickle among the branches. when the kids come over the first one to find it gets some candy. it’s stupid but it’s a tradition. even though our kids are getting older the first thing they do when they go to grandma’s house for christmas is look for the pickle.

  6. Love it! Homemade ornaments are the most treasured. I have several from my children over the years and one from my aunt who passed 25 years ago. Treasures of my heart. One day your kids will understand so don’t dare throw any of them away. Blessings, Jann

  7. Aaaaw – I love it, but I’m such a Mom – that would take pride of place on my tree! “Cheesy” Christmas traditions (like your baby Jesus snack, I mean ornament!), might make our kids cringe now, but they will remember them fondly when they have families of their own.

  8. Aawaayy in some bacon no crib for a bed. Is that really a comma on Jesus’ head? The stars in the sky looked down where he lay, the little lord Jesus asleep on the …it appears to be squirty cheese.

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