TV Viewing Delays Development

Posted on: 05/11/10 12:21 PM | by Jonathan McKee

TV watching has been quite the buzz lately, especially since both Nielson and Kaiser have recently confirmed that TV watching is by far the largest consumed media across all age groups.

Now a Canadian study has found that too much television for young children is bad for your child’s health and brain development. (Surprise, surprise!) This isn’t the first study we’ve seen talking about how too much media could hurt kids’ health.

It’s funny… at the last parent workshop I taught, I asked the parents attending which entertainment media source the average kid spent the most time in front of. Most parents voted “internet” or “music.” It’s a common misconception. Believe it or not, TV still reigns (you can look at my blog about Nielson’s results here or our article about Kaiser’s study here). Even with the increase in online downloading of shows, normal “traditional” TV watching wins.

So it’s no surprise when this Canadian study discovered not only that kids were watching too much TV, but it affected their social skills, math skills and even their heath!

Here’s a snippet about the study from the Montreal Gazette:

The parents of 1,314 children were asked how much time their little ones spent in front of the box at 29 months and again at 58 months. When the children were 10, researchers used academic records, interviews with Grade 4 teachers and body mass index measurements, weighted against factors such as temperament, family makeup and how far their mother went in school to tease out a portrait of how TV watching as a toddler shaped a child’s ability to focus, process complex information and think logically.

“We found every additional hour of TV exposure among toddlers corresponded to a future decrease in classroom engagement and success at math, increased victimization by classmates . . . a more sedentary lifestyle, higher consumption of junk food and, ultimately, higher body mass index,”

That’s a no-brainer.

Hey… I’ve got an idea: monitor your kids’ TV watching! (Brilliant, huh?)

Gaga’s Racy American Idol Performance

Posted on: 05/9/10 9:50 PM | by Jonathan McKee

American Idol is getting racier.

There’s been so much to blog about lately (thanks to Miley’s new video and Comedy Central’s potential Jesus cartoon series) I haven’t even mentioned last week’s American Idol show where Gaga performed her song Alejandro in her little lacy-thong-outfit, with dance choreography that rivaled Adam Lambert’s American Music Awards performance.

The ironic fact: she’s mad because some of her performance was edited out by Fox!

Funny… I was already bummed at what they decided to keep! I’m afraid to find out what they cut.

If you missed the performance, you should probably just take me word for it. It was typical Gaga: weird and over-sexualized. Sad really.

NY Daily News describes her performance:

Gaga wore an inky veil that covered her pretty little head. But when she stepped out from behind the grand piano, her lacy lingerie and full body fishnet were on full display.

But it turns out Gaga flashed a lot more skin than Fox was ready for. According to MTV, editors blurred out the singer’s left breast as she sprawled across the floor during the song’s chorus. Gaga’s performance was eventually cut from 6.5 minutes to under 5

I’ll be honest. That description makes it sound mild. It was the raciest I’ve seen yet on American Idol. provides a snippet of the video here (again, a mild section of the performance. Some of the gestures she and her dancers made literally made my jaw drop). Perez Hilton’s site has the “unedited” version of the performance. (Keep in mind… she performed this for National TV in front of millions of kids!)

This isn’t the first time I’ve griped about American Idol’s discernment. In my blog titled Oversexualized about a month ago, I mentioned Usher’s performance of OMG and presence on American Idol.

How far is too far?

Jesus Cartoon Series

Posted on: 05/8/10 8:56 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Wow… and I thought that South Park’s Jesus was bad enough!

It looks like Comedy Central is considering doing a cartoon series about Jesus Christ. And trust me, this isn’t going to be like a video that you buy at Family Christian.

Yahoo News shares this AP press release:

“JC” is one of 23 potential series the network said it has in development. It depicts Christ as a “regular guy” who moves to New York to “escape his father’s enormous shadow.”

His father is presented as an apathetic man who would rather play video games than listen to his son talk about his new life, according to Comedy Central’s thumbnail sketch of the idea. Reveille, the production company behind “The Office,” “Ugly Betty” and “The Biggest Loser,” is making “JC.”

It wouldn’t be the first time Jesus Christ has been on a Comedy Central cartoon; he’s a recurring character on the long-running “South Park.”


Miley Truly “Can’t Be Tamed”

Posted on: 05/6/10 12:13 PM | by Jonathan McKee

I think Miley wants to make it clear:

I can’t be tamed
I can’t be saved
I can’t be blamed…

Her brand new video speaks it loudly- she doesn’t want to be Hannah Montana anymore. She wants to be Britney, Gaga, or Aguilera.

If you haven’t already bailed out of the Miley-Fan-Club by now… I think you should watch the video. I think you’ll agree with my previous forcast that her days as a positive role model for young girls are over. Check it out for yourself:

The secular media is even asking, ‘Is the Miley Video Too Sexy?”

What do you think?

This Sunday my Youth Culture Window article will go into much greater detail.

(ht to Dizzy)

Speaking on YouTube

Posted on: 05/4/10 11:15 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Tonight I spoke locally to a youth group near my house. The youth pastor is a friend and had done me a favor, speaking and endorsing our ministry at one our THE SOURCE fund-raising dinners- I owed him. So I spoke to his group tonight about communicating with God, the same talk that we just released on the newest episode of our podcast.

We also have a video excerpt of this talk posted on our YouTube page.

Click here for that video.

I love that Matthew 6 passage. So much in there. I could do a 6 week series on that passage. Fun stuff!

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10 Ways NOT to Share Your Faith

Posted on: 05/3/10 10:04 AM | by Jonathan McKee

If you’ve ever hung out with Greg Stier, you’ll walk away uplifted and spurred on to share your faith with others.

Greg is the founder of Dare2Share, an amazing ministry that equips young people to share their faith in Jesus with others. We’ve had Greg on several of our podcasts discussing evangelism– the do’s and don’ts- always a hilarious, yet empowering dialogue (I actually always end up playing those particular podcast episodes to my kids for family devotions and discussing them. My kids find him both hilarious and inspiring).

Greg has a hilarious entry on his blog today: 10 Ways NOT to Share Your Faith.

Here’s the first few:

10 Ways NOT to Share Your Faith
1. Stand on the corner and scream “REPENT!” at others. If it didn’t work for Jeremiah the prophet, it won’t work for you.
2. Break into a public high school and shove gospel tracts into the lockers. Trust me on this. I’ve done it…seriously.
3. Wear a “Ready to die…ask me why” T-Shirt. I’ve done this too. It’s not effective, but it did scare people.
4. Go into a bookstore and secretly slip gospel tracts into all of the New Age/Witchcraft books. Have I done this? Maybe…okay, yes.

The whole list here.

These are even funnier when you’ve listened to him get transparent in some of his articles (Does Street Evangelism Work?) and on our podcast (especially this episode), because when you know his past, you discover that he used to use these methods. God has been transforming him, keeping his spirit led boldness, but slowly morphing his methodology to be more compassionate, loving and intentional about caring for people more than just a “conversion.”

Greg’s an amazing guy.

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