Gaga’s Racy American Idol Performance

Posted on: 05/9/10 9:50 PM | by Jonathan McKee

American Idol is getting racier.

There’s been so much to blog about lately (thanks to Miley’s new video and Comedy Central’s potential Jesus cartoon series) I haven’t even mentioned last week’s American Idol show where Gaga performed her song Alejandro in her little lacy-thong-outfit, with dance choreography that rivaled Adam Lambert’s American Music Awards performance.

The ironic fact: she’s mad because some of her performance was edited out by Fox!

Funny… I was already bummed at what they decided to keep! I’m afraid to find out what they cut.

If you missed the performance, you should probably just take me word for it. It was typical Gaga: weird and over-sexualized. Sad really.

NY Daily News describes her performance:

Gaga wore an inky veil that covered her pretty little head. But when she stepped out from behind the grand piano, her lacy lingerie and full body fishnet were on full display.

But it turns out Gaga flashed a lot more skin than Fox was ready for. According to MTV, editors blurred out the singer’s left breast as she sprawled across the floor during the song’s chorus. Gaga’s performance was eventually cut from 6.5 minutes to under 5

I’ll be honest. That description makes it sound mild. It was the raciest I’ve seen yet on American Idol. provides a snippet of the video here (again, a mild section of the performance. Some of the gestures she and her dancers made literally made my jaw drop). Perez Hilton’s site has the “unedited” version of the performance. (Keep in mind… she performed this for National TV in front of millions of kids!)

This isn’t the first time I’ve griped about American Idol’s discernment. In my blog titled Oversexualized about a month ago, I mentioned Usher’s performance of OMG and presence on American Idol.

How far is too far?