No-Prep Games

Posted on: 01/13/15 5:45 AM | by Jonathan McKee

heads or tailsAs a youth worker, I always like to have two games “in my pocket” at any given time. You never know when you need one. Even if you are NOT in youth ministry, you never know when you might need something fun to liven up a dying New Years Eve party (or Arbor Day party).

Last weekend I spoke at the Recharge event in the greater Twin Cities area of MN—a great event with 600 area youth leaders. My friend Tiger McLeun was at the helm and he ran a classic simple crowd game that was really fun. The game was called Heads or Tails.

It’s like this:

The MC pulls out a coin and instructs everyone to put their hand either on their head, or on their “tail.” Everyone in the crowd puts the hand on their head or on their butt. Then the MC flips the coin, announcing heads or tails.

If you were correct… stay standing. If you were wrong… sit down.

They kept repeating until only a few were standing. At the Recharge event, it came down to two people. They brought them on stage for the final showdown, and the winner got a prize.

Fun stuff. I love simple games like this.

I’ll do another one later this week!

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