When Kids Don’t Listen to Your Talks

Posted on: 09/2/08 1:12 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Okay… okay… I know I promised to dedicate this weeks’ blogging to the music our kids are listening to… and I will.  🙂  I just noticed that YS put up my blog about speaking today. So I wanted to give you guys a snippet of it and the link.

I’m teaching two seminars at the National Youth Workers Convention again this year… and one of them is on speaking. So they asked me to blog about speaking. One of the posts they put up from me is my TOP 10 WAYS TO KNOW YOUR KIDS DO NOT WANT TO LISTEN TO YOU GIVE A TALK:

Here’s a few…

10. Three minutes into your talk, someone stands up and shouts… “Time to break into small groups!”

9. They are listening to Rob Bell’s podcast on their iPods during your talk.

7. When you start speaking, the kids start chanting ‘Bring Back Mable,’ the guest speaker from last week who used flannel graph.

5. As you begin your talk a student stands up and asks, “In the next 30 minutes are you going to be saying anything important?”

3. When you ask everyone to close their eyes for prayer, you notice that the request was unnecessary.

Click here for the whole list on the YS blog.

4 Replies to “When Kids Don’t Listen to Your Talks”

  1. What if they ask a question while you are praying? Wouldn’t that fit in this category? Been there.

  2. Wow… that’s a weird one. I’ve never had that happen. Thanks Daniel.

    I probably would have just paused… and maybe asked, “Are you through… because I’d love to finish talking with God before we turn the conversation over to you.”

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