What? We Almost Had ‘Sausage Biscuit with Eggs’ All Day Long!!!

Posted on: 12/2/07 8:40 PM | by Jonathan McKee

I’ve got to talk to you about something very important that will effect youth ministers everywhere: McDonalds has been in talks about providing breakfast all day long. Yes… it’s true!
I’m not surprised. Everyone knows that their breakfasts rock! (and their lunches… well…) So why not offer the good stuff all day?
Well, someone up high in Mickey D’s isn’t buying it. United Press International reports here:
McDonald’s has no plans to offer breakfast all day long, even though it is the most profitable meal of the fast-food chain’s U.S. division, an executive said.  Here:

“Breakfast all day is certainly something we’ll always take under consideration, but I can fairly tell you it’s not something that is going to happen for a long time,” McDonald’s USA Chief Operating Officer Jan Fields said in a webcast news conference.

Breakfast accounts for 24 percent of McDonald’s Corp.’s U.S. sales and 28 percent of transactions, she said.
Wow. Talk about a bad decision.
Sigh. So close…

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2 Replies to “What? We Almost Had ‘Sausage Biscuit with Eggs’ All Day Long!!!”

  1. I want to bless you with a gift, Jonathan and youth ministers out there… it’s called the Croissanwich, and it’s from Burger King. I have never had such a bittersweet division between the awful groan in my gut and the overwhelming glee of my tastebuds. The croissanwich. You’re welcome.

  2. Yeah breakfast all day would be awesome for those of us who work 2nd shift! However I refuse to buy from Mikkey D’s because of their involvement with the Ray Crock Foundation/Planned Parenthood but that’s just me…..

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