What Does the Fox Say?

Posted on: 10/14/13 3:01 AM | by Jonathan McKee

From viral YouTube video to Jimmy Fallon to the top of the charts, and it’s just a bunch of guys dressed as animals performing a song that sounds like something from Sesame Street.

You can’t argue with numbers. Young people are going crazy over the viral hit, What Does the Fox Say? by the Norwegian brothers known as Ylvis. The song, which began as a joke, became a viral YouTube video, and it has exploded in popularity. Ylvis performed on Jimmy Fallon last week and the song currently is No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts and in the top 10 on iTunes as well.

My daughters showed it to me about 10 days ago and I used it in my seminar’s pre-show as people were walking in. Sure to get a laugh.

Take a look at the video:

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  1. It’s pretty catchy. My husband and I are thinking of going as a fox and a back up dancer to our church’s Trunk or Treat party.

    A clean song, a clean video – yea!!!!

  2. Uh … Is it just me or does he blur the line to “what’s the Fox say” … Which sounds like “What the **** say?” He definitely dropped the word does. Maybe I’m just being hyper sensitive but when we listened to it with our kids after they came home saying everyone at school was listening to this song, we decided it was subtle but there. When I saw the post on this song I was sure it would point that subtlety out in line with all the other Brittany / Miley moments like it, but it didn’t, which makes me ask, am I crazy? Reading something that’s not even there?

    1. I wondered the same thing… but I don’t think so. It’s hard to know someone’s motives, but I’ve heard a ton of people talking about this, and I NEVER have heard any teenagers refer to it. Usually, if there is one of those “under the radar” song references (like Miley’s recent Molly references, or Flo Rida singing about blowing my whistle)… you’ll hear about it. I think this is just good goofy fun.

  3. That’s just pure craziness right there! I’ll have to ask my teens what they think. Thanks for sharing…I think! 🙂

  4. The song is pretty catchy and meaningless fun. Unfortunately, after researching the band and listening to some of their other songs, I was sorry I ever played the song at youth group. They seem to have a bent toward explicit sexual lyrics. The kind that lead our young people in the wrong direction. I apologized to my group the week after showing the ‘fox’ video and advised them to stay far away from Ylvis.

  5. I’m w/ Ben. My kids got me started on this, so I listened to a few other of their songs…none of which I finished. Interesting that the cleanest is also the most popular. Things that make you go MMMMMMMMM?

  6. Students love this song! About a month ago, we used it for our lesson. We had fun with a “foxy contest” (each group used makeup to make a fox face on one of the group members), as well as a contest on the best “fox sound”. The focus of the night was “What does _____________ (students put their name here) say”. It was a lesson on what each individual is known for saying…do they build others up? Do they represent Christ? Is this an area they need to work on? (ie profanity, putting others down, etc)
    The students were very responsive.

  7. Well, I have to say that my husband played this video for our teens in youth group for a fun time before we settled down and the backlash from a few leaders we have received has been very discouraging. Actually we received a long text asking us to look up the groups other song “work it”. They feel by us playing “the fox song” we are condoning the group and who they stand for. We are even wondering how to handle the situation. It is very discouraging as a leader when one silly song can cause so much strife. The night is packed with a game, team building, most if the time worship, lesson, and small group time and this one couple minute silly song has put a damper on our spirit. It isn’t our heart to steer the students wrong, but we just feel that it wasn’t that big of a deal.

    What do you think about the group itself and condoning them with listening and playing this secular song in Youth Group?

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