A Week Off

Posted on: 04/25/13 12:03 PM | by Jonathan McKee

I just spent a week hanging out with my bride on vacation. We used some airline miles and hotel points and went to a tropical escape (a pic I took yesterday) for 6 nights… and wow! It was so nice just having “us” time.

(This is rather ironic… as I’m writing this, here in my hotel just 30 minutes before we leave for the airport, my wife is now tugging at my shirt, saying, “Come hang with me.” So I’m neglecting her for 5 minutes to write to you about how important she is. This will be a quick post.)

We spent 7 days just being together, enjoying conversation, activities… and too much food! (Yeah, gotta run a little extra this coming week to make up for it)

I can’t honestly say I didn’t work at all. Doug Fields and I actually have a book going to print today, so I ended up doing a couple last minute final proofs of that, but other than that… I did no work, no Tweeting, no interruptions… so nice!

It was also an interesting contrast to the way the world looks at relationships. While we were here, we saw a couple movies on the TV in the hotel, both about marriage. And in both movies the marriages were so dysfunctional, with the husband and his friends talking about how much their wives drove them nuts, etc. The couples didn’t like being with each other. Funny that Lori and I were sitting together, holding hands, watching these movies, wondering… really?

I’m not trying to paint a picture that our marriage is perfect… it’s not. We bicker. We do stupid selfish things. But one thing for sure… we crave time together. More than that… we make time together.

This week was a great time for nonstop together times. These times are necessary in our marriage.

Last week I posted about the need for “rest.” Let me just emphasize it: WE NEED IT!

Lori and I are already best friends. We run together, we work together, we have regular dates, but this was really special. It was a week with no distractions—just her and me. I can see why God commanded that we take these times of rest.

When is your next date with your spouse?

When is your next time of rest?

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