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Posted on: 09/10/10 4:27 PM | by Jonathan McKee

For the last few weeks I’ve been asking Lori, “Anything in the mail from Buffalo Wild Wings?”

I was like a kid, waiting for my Captain Crunch super secret decoder ring.

Today it came!

Sorry… I’m so excited. Let me back up a minute and explain.

I’ve been waiting 20 years for a good wing place to come to my city… and next Monday a Buffalo Wild Wings opens right by my house!  That’s why I’m pretty excited about the VIP passes I just received in the mail for this weekend! More on that in a minute!

If you live where I live, in the Sacramento area of California, then you have NO idea what I’m talking about. Because in the Sacramento area there are slim to no wing places.(I’m proof reading this right now… this sounds like an infomercial! Ha!) We have a couple Wing Stops– decent wings, not much in the area of atmosphere. We also have a family owned place in a rough neighborhood called Granites… really good wings, but you need to know martial arts just to get to your car.

That’s why I almost did a back flip when I found out that the national chain Buffalo Wild Wings (BWW) is coming to two locations in the Sacramento area… one just 4 minutes from my house. (This has really bad ramifications. I’m really skinny comparatively right now… this might just change things!)  🙂

Some of you might be wondering… why the fetish over wings? It’s my wife Lori’s fault. She grew up eating wings with her family and friends in the Phoenix area. It was something they always did as a family. And sure enough, the Phoenix area (Mesa, Chandler, Tempe, etc.) has a bunch of really good wing places. Sacramento… nope! So Lori got me hooked when we first started dating. I don’t know why. There really isn’t much meat on the little wings and legs… I think it’s more of a social thing. Most of these wings places are like pubs-plenty of good social time with friends and family over food.

So as I’ve traveled over the years, one place I could always count on for good wings has been BWW. This place is always a good sized sports bar, plenty of flat screens with every sport imaginable playing, open late, fun family atmosphere. Not to mention… great wings. (and these really tasty sliders too!). They actually have 17 different sauce flavors… from mild to “Blazin” hot. They even have a contest where if someone can eat 12 of their “Blazin” hot wings in just 6 minutes… they get a t-shirt and their name on the wall. (I’ve tried one before… it made me cry!)

So when I heard that BWW was coming to town, I strolled into the restaurant while it was still under construction (wearing one of my BWW shirts- from a BWW in Nebraska). I introduced myself and let her know that I had been emailing corporate asking them to bring a BWW here! She put me on a VIP list and told me that she’d mail an invite to one of their “Pre-season events” the weekend before they open (to train their staff for opening day).

And so I’ve been waiting… and waiting…

Today they came in the mail! Lori said I acted like I just won the lottery!

The pass instructed me to call and RSVP if I wanted to attend. I called and RSVP’d the whole family for tomorrow’s event. I can’t wait.

In addition… I’m driving by on opening day Monday at about 5:30 in the a.m. If the line isn’t big… I’m going to get in line. The first 100 people get free wings for a year! (Oh man… I can taste em’ now!) (So I might be sitting in line all morning with my laptop, writing my Youth Culture Window article on the MTV VMA’s on the night before.)

Now if I could just get Giordano’s Pizza to come to town!

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  1. I love bww too but I hate dropping $40 for me, my wife and little girl and when the waitress comes to take away our dishes it’s just 4 little paper hats.

  2. Jonathan, I too share your passion for wings. I live in Harrisonburg, VA where James Madison Univ. is. We have a Bdubs across the street from campus. Last week the wings were flowing like milk and honey when we took all the JMU freshmen guys out for wings. I think we got over 450, with 4 guys doing the blazin challenge.

    2 years ago 2 James Madison Univ. freshman guys did the blazin challenge. One guy Eric was hurting afterwards and he was screaming for milk. 5 small cartons later I grabbed one and saw that it was a month expired. I tried to stop him but it was too late. He had drank a lot of it. He was in bad shape. I gave eric a ride home and he threw up pretty bad in one of the parking lots. Some guys were walking by and cheering for him (thinking he had been partying). Eric wiped his mouth and yelled to them, No! Just don’t do the blazin’ challenge!! A couple of minutes later he was complaining about his nose burning. When he threw up, some came out his nose and it was irritated to the point that his nose was visibly larger. He almost went to the hospital. Definitely worth the story. (and the worst pain can really be when the wings exit the body too…)

    The pain is temporary, but the glory is forever.

    blessings brother. Thanks again for what you do.

  3. Jonathan,

    Some of my students and adult leaders and I waited in line to be in the 1st 100 people for BWWs up here in Vancouver, WA. We got in line the night before at 7:30pm, and we barely made it in. Our group of 10 was in the late 70s to early 80s. Just FYI… we laughed at the people who showed up at 5:30 expecting to make it. Thought you might want to know… good luck!

  4. Ha… yeah… as of last night (2 nights prior to the opening), there were already about 6 college aged kids in line.

    I’m going to drive by in the a.m. and see what the line looks like. I’ve already weighed the cost in my head. It’s worth getting up early, but not staying overnight. So no worries.

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