The Adjustment Bureau

Posted on: 03/3/11 2:01 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Do we really have free will… or is God a colossal puppeteer manipulating the strings of all of mankind.

Look out John Calvin, here comes The Adjustment Bureau… and they’re making you submit to “the chairman’s” plan.

Last week my 13-year-old and I were out on a delightful daddy-daughter date (pardon my alliteration) and we saw a screening of this new film, starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt. Maybe you’ve seen the previews. Damon’s character falls in love with her, but the “bureau” tries to step in and “adjust” his will. But Jason Boerne uses his martial arts skills… wait… wrong film…

Ashley and I really enjoyed the film. It wasn’t the greatest thing we’ve seen this year, but it was entertaining and had good character development (although it did throw in the typical PG-13 “non-nudity” sex scene, as is so abundant today).

I am not only providing a full review of the film on our MOVIE REVIEWS & QUICK Q’s page this weekend (posting it Friday), but I am also providing a discussion adults can use to talk with their kids about free will, the conscious choice to let the Holy Spirit take over our lives, and what that kind of submission looks like day to day. (I’ve loving this new “Quick Q’s” section of our MOVIE REVIEWS & QUICK Q’S page. Each one of our reviews now includes these questions that adults can use to dialogue with young people about what they just saw.)

(SIDE NOTE: If you like those “Quick Q’s, I encourage you to check out a few others I wrote recently on the same page— check out my review of Adam Sandler’s “Just Go With It,” and the Vincint Vaughn and Kevin James flick, “The Dilemma.” I think you’ll find that I provided deep discussions for both of these films)