Something Clean in the Top 10

Posted on: 05/20/11 3:08 PM | by Jonathan McKee

This week I’ve had my eye on the music charts as I was studying youth culture for my CONNECT WORKSHOP I’ll be teaching this Saturday in PA.

Most of what I saw in the charts was typical: racy lyrics and overly sexualized music videos. But then a small exception popped onto the charts like ‘Hope’ rising out of the bottom of Pandora’s box. Chris Tomlin’s video for “I Lift My Hands” has been in the iTunes Top 10 most of the week. I saw it in the number 4 spot Tuesday, and it’s at #9 as I write this (Friday afternoon).

Funny, as I sit and look at the list of the iTunes top 10 videos right now, there are only two videos that aren’t crude or raunchy in some way. In the top 10 songs, only one or two (depending on where you draw the line).

So… a big relief to see people downloading something pure.

Kudos to Tomlin!

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  1. I think that all the bad music and pics and stuff is just another way to be tempted by Satan. Whenever I hear my friends singin those songs I leave because they annoy me. People fall too fast for those types of songs when they’d do alot better if the listened to christian ones. 95.7 plays christian rap,rock,heavymetal, and hip-hop. I tell people that if they want to hang out with me then they have to put away that stuff until I leave. Usually it works but there are a few people who are complete jerks who refuse to do it. We can work together to help them to the way!

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