Rock Me Sexy Jesus

Posted on: 08/24/08 9:43 PM | by Jonathan McKee

I’m warning you… you will be offended with this one.

David wrote all about this brand new movie in our current Youth Culture Window article. The movie is called Hamlet 2 (in theatres now), and this “Rock Me Sexy Jesus” scene is in the climactic presentation of the play at the end of the movie.


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  1. The “kicking Satan’s Ass” part was probably only thing close to the Bible in that 3:36 waste of time. I’m glad they provided the words . . .

  2. Wow you’re right. I was able to get almost halfway through that clip.


    That’s …wow …that’s just heartbreaking.

  3. The worst part about this may be that if I showed this to my students, they would likely think it to be a good thing. “They’re singing about Jesus!” I hope I’m wrong but I don’t know if they can discern the truth from the pack of lies that are thrown at them in this piece.

  4. You’re right Josh. And those students that go see the movie are going to see even more of this. That’s why I posted it… to give you guys a glimpse (this blog is for youth workers and parents, not students) and make you aware. I hope that this blog and our YOUTH CULTURE WINDOW page give you a peek at some of the pop culture, media, attitude and trends that are influencing our students… with a little advice on what we can do about it.

  5. That was exactly what the movie was about – a bunch of biggoted, closed-minded fools trying to shut a play down. Albeit the methods are unorthodox. Albeit the language is crude. Albeit many won’t enjoy it.

    Others may.

    Who cares if it was immature, who cares if it didn’t make sense. The man still had the right to show it. Because when one person can decide that “offensive” material should not be shown, then where do you draw the line?

    So yes, this is what is influencing the youth. Hell yes.

  6. Dare I say…I thought it was kind of funny! I don’t know what the film is about, and I am sure it probably is not an edifying movie, so I do not defend it at all. Although, I think that sometimes Christians can do more harm than good by taking something like a silly song too seriously.

  7. You all are kidding right? You do realize that this is a parody of a religion that’s pretty ridiculous all in itself… I can’t believe in this day and age that; a)People still believe the bible, and b)People would get offended by something like this.

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