Pre-Blessed Food

Posted on: 08/17/11 6:46 AM | by Jonathan McKee

It’s funny how this generation of young people actually will just sit around and watch You-Tube videos. My daughters will frequently just hang around the computer with their friends saying, “Oh wait, have you seen this one!” And then they click another video.

YouTube has created quite a few “celebrities” that are known… just for being funny YouTube video creators. One of these is a guy named Julian Smith. This guy, growing popular from his “Hot KoolAid” video, has become quite an internet sensation. My girls find him hilarious. And I gotta admit, he’s pretty funny (and has kept it clean as far as I have seen).

Here’s one of his videos that I’d actually show at youth group to kick off a talk on prayer. Funny stuff:

Side note: apparently he received a little negative feedback from some about this video. Here’s his personal response to that feedback– a little insight.

2 Replies to “Pre-Blessed Food”

  1. It’s a shame that more people can’t appreciate the comedic genius that it took to create that video. Thankfully, and perhaps finally, the old “fire and brimstone”, judgement filled, bible beating Christians are beginning to die off, thus leaving the doors open for a more healthy and inviting way in which we view and practice (yes, practice) Christianity.

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