please pray for my dad

Posted on: 07/30/10 11:33 AM | by Jonathan McKee

A quick note… I’m on the run. I had a huge scare this morning… if you could please pray. My dad, Tom McKee, had a mild heart attack this morning and was rushed into surgery.
He was actually on a plane to go speak in Shreveport, LA… and he started having chest pains. He asked them to stop the plane (it was still on the ground in Sacramento Metro backing away) and next thing he was in an ambulance to the hospital.
Long story short, he had some blockage removed from a major artery, had a stent put in, and the nurse’s comments afterwards were, “We caught this in the nick of time.”
They are keeping dad there at the hospital through Sunday. Mom is doing better now… a little shook up this morning when it was all going down.
I think we’re over the hump! 
For those of you who don’t know of my dad, he’s the guy who actually wrote the helpful article in the WHAT’S NEW box on our front page this week, the article titled, The Delicate Art of Asking Questions When Being Interviewed. He’s the founder and creator of
Thanks for your prayers.
God Bless,
President, The Source for Youth Ministry  

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  1. thanks for the info. your family and theirs will be remembered by many including us. we love you all. PTL for his providential power!

  2. Hey Jonathon,
    I really appreciate your dads wisdom and his willingness to share with those of us less experienced. We will lift him up and ask the healer to have His way in his life and for your family as you minister to him.

  3. Wow! That is great God gave your dad to have them turn around the plane- we will be praying for your whole family as he recovers.

  4. Glad to here your dad is doing better we will keep him and your family in our prayers.

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