The Perfect Man

Posted on: 05/30/13 3:01 AM | by Jonathan McKee

“I want a man who…”

That’s how her paper started.

My daughter just graduated from High School last week and will be heading to California Baptist University in a few months. In the shuffle of paperwork flowing through her room, I noticed this paper she wrote about what she wants in a man, a list of characteristics. I loved the list!

I asked her if I could post it. Here’s Alyssa’s list:

I want a man who… (in no particular order)

  1. Doesn’t have a bad temper
  2. Respects my schedule
  3. Buys me See’s chocolates
  4. Will wait five months to kiss me
  5. Doesn’t want a reptile for a pet
  6. Doesn’t always watch TV
  7. Respects his mother
  8. Doesn’t lust after me out loud
  9. Has a strong faith in Jesus
  10. Knows when to shut his mouth!
  11. Doesn’t have a bunch of girls that are his “closest friends”
  12. Calls me instead of texting all the time
  13. Doesn’t say stuff to make me jealous just because “he likes me when I’m jealous”
  14. Doesn’t always need to have the last word
  15. Doesn’t talk filthy
  16. Says I’m his best friend

3 Replies to “The Perfect Man”

  1. Dear Jonathan,
    Your daughter’s list of what she wants in a man is commendable! And those men out there are few and far between….but if she finds a man who puts God first in his life, all the other characteristics will follow…..that’s what we’ve told our 19 year old daughter to look for anyhow! Keep up the good work God bless Mornette

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