Parent Tips

Posted on: 02/23/19 8:52 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Giving our kids smartphones, losing our cool, Netflix, screen time… these are the topics I’ve tackled so far in the first four episodes of our brand new FREE Parent Tips podcast.

DYM has been knocking the ball out of the park with their entire podcast network with FREE podcasts about youth ministry, youth culture… and now they have me tackling parenting!

The podcasts average just 12 minutes each—bitesized and packed with application. So far I’ve been addressing the subjects that are the “most asked questions” by parents (like, “How do manage what my kids are watching on Netflix?” Great question. And I answered it in Episode 3: Parenting the Netflix Generation) And I’m really excited about the next two upcoming episodes, because in Episode 5 (releasing any day now) I’ll be sharing the newest research about teens and marijuana, and in Episode 6 I have a special guest, author Sean McDowell giving his parenting insight on a subject you’ll definitely want to hear about!

So jump on the Parenting Tips podcast webpage or iTunes and tune in (And if you’d really like to help us out, take half a second and hit five stars to balance out some hater who’s been literally going through all the DYM podcast and hitting one star to drive our ratings down. I know, right? Crazy.)