On my flight East

Posted on: 02/5/09 4:04 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Today I fly out to Pittsburgh (to wade through the confetti in the streets, I presume) to speak at a winter camp with 500 students and leaders in Western PA. Do you think I should wear an Arizona Cardinals shirt?  🙂

On the flight over I plan on watching the new DVD release of Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playslist. This little PG-13 film is already creating a buzz. I missed it in the theatres but have read some of the film’s dialogue. Todd, my movie guy, is posting a review today or tomorrow on it… he was really disturbed by the film’s lack of morals… probably a pretty good reflection of our culture. Expect a full synopsis from me soon.

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  1. you can wear whatever you want, they’ve already started complaining about the Penguins there by now anyway. look forward to hearing your review. it looks like a repackaged Juno. btw the woman that wrote Juno is writing the Showtime show The United States of Tara. it’s bound to be popular even though i hate super witty ultra intelligent banter (ie. dawson’s creek) genre.
    Hope your trip goes well. Praying for you now.

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