My Girls, Part II

Posted on: 11/7/08 2:09 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Okay… on October 22nd I posted a blog with a picture of my two daughters (so dang cute). Basically, my wife Lori and I had gone running, and my girls rode their bikes with us. They rode back early (bored of watching Lori and I huffing and puffing) and began playing in the front yard (who says that junior high girls don’t still “play?”)

The result was a creative little checkers game they made from bark, leaves, etc.

I thought it was cute so I blogged about it and posted the pic. They thought that was “so cool!”

Sure enough, next time we went running they wanted to go back to the house early again… this time with a new enthusiasm. When Lori and I got home, they had constructed a clever little billiards game.

(they used twigs as sticks and some weird acorns as pool balls)

Now they keep trying to come up with new things. Two days ago they created a Twister game.

(look at their little “spinner” they made with a twig in the upper right of the pic. And notice they didn’t have colors for the dots, so they used a variation of twirls, squiggles, stripes, etc. LOL)

My girls are cute!!!

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  1. You have a couple of budding youth workers there I’d say. My youth pastor in high school regularly made up games with anything he could find lying around and I distinctly remember one we did on a camping trip made with the only things you can find on a camping trip…rocks and twigs. So there you have it. Two ladies on their way to youth worker greatness!!

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