Miley’s VMA Reprise

Posted on: 08/24/15 7:35 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Miley-VMA-host-censoredThis coming Sunday night MTV will be exhausting all means necessary to garner one thing: ratings.

MTV has a history of stooping to new lows for ratings for their Video Music Awards show. This year’s new low will be Miley Cyrus hosting the show.

Yes, MTV exploiting Miley is nothing new. But this year they’ve been already pushing the envelope, utilizing Miley’s desperation for attention in their TV ads for the upcoming awards show. Maybe you’ve seen them: the topless ad (with little greenscreen dots covering the essentials), the “giving us the finger” ad, or the cloud of smoke ad


The show airs this coming Sunday night, an event that has drawn up to 12 million viewers in years past, but dropped 18 percent last year, only drawing 8.8 million viewers.

What does that mean?

That means MTV is desperate to bring that number up. And even if your kids don’t watch it, many of their friends will and the buzz will drive millions of kids to the internet to see what they missed the night prior.

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