Pausing for an Infant

Posted on: 12/24/14 7:32 AM | by Jonathan McKee

It’s Christmas Eve, and I’m running off to finish a project at my dad and mom’s house (we’ve dug up 165 feet of drainage- ditches up to 2 feet deep, and dropped in 150 feet of 6 inch pipe, 60 of it a French drain, with over 6 yards of rock) to fix a drainage problem long ignored and feared. So it’s been 3 days of hard labor for me and a crew of friends and teenagers… a fun mental break.

I just wanted to take a moment and wish you all a Merry Christmas from my family. It’s been fun having 5 kids around the house for the last few days. As many of you know, Lori and I are almost empty nesters now. Ashley (my youngest) is in her senior year and the other two are out of the house (Alec working and Alyssa in her sophomore year at CBU in SoCal). We had everyone staying at the house the last few nights. Good times.

Today I finish up at my parents and we all head to a Christmas Eve service together. I’m looking forward to just pausing and absorbing the true meaning of Christmas, surrounded by family.

That’s my wish for you. I pray that you take a moment to “pause” and embrace the greatest gift this Christmas, nothing monetary or temporary, something far greater… a gift that can never be lost or snatched away. Embrace the love of our creator who gave us the gift of life in the person of Jesus who humbly came to us in the form of a poor infant.

That’s who I celebrate this season.

Celebrate with me.

Merry Christmas. Celebrating the gift of our Messiah, Jesus!

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