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Posted on: 06/11/13 10:46 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Summer movies are always fun, especially when they involve super heroes… and free movie tickets! So you’re gonna like this.

I’ve got two movie passes for anywhere in the US to the new Superman movie, Man of Steel, opening this Friday night, June 14. And just for fun, we’re throwing in two Man of Steel t-shirts and key chains (yeah… we’ve gone full nerd!) More on how to win that in a second. (WINNER POSTED- see below)

If you don’t win the tickets and nerdwear, you can still enjoy some free resources from us. We’ve just posted a few things:

1. David wrote Part II of our Summer Movies article on our Youth Culture Window page. Check out what films kids will be watching this summer! (Part I was posted a few weeks ago)

2. Alec just attended the Man of Steel screening, wrote his review and provided some discussion questions you can use on our Movie Reviews & Quick Q’s page.

3. Youth Culture Report just tweeted about this free Man of Steel talk from Rusty Wright- good stuff.

So here’s the contest for the free Man of Steel stuff: simply use the comment feature in this blog to chime in with your favorite super hero film to date and why. I’ll randomly choose a winner this Thursday and announce it in this post.

WINNER– Thank you all for participating… great comments… great films. Dan Gordon was the randomly selected winner! Dan, look for an email– I just sent you one.

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71 Replies to “Man of Steel Tickets”

  1. Batman Begins because I love superhero origin stories. Plus, Batman is the best super hero because he awesome without having any super powers.

  2. The original Superman is still my favorite. When Lois is hanging from the Daily Planet and Clark walks out of the Daily Planet and the music hits for the first time then he catches her is still one of the best scenes, in any movie, ever.

  3. Definitely Batman Begins.

    BB represented a total re-imagining of the Batman series. Until that point, the Batman movies had come to display all the failings of shallow Hollywood imaginations… Big budget names with shallow scripts and over-the-top visuals. BB brought the character back with a grittier, more realistic tone and rich character development. Chris Nolan made Batman cool again!

  4. Easily the Batman Begins trilogy. Great characters, plot, and design. Of the 3, “Dark Knight Rises” is the best.

  5. Definitely Catwoman with Halle Berry! Or DareDevil, that is a cinematic masterpiece!

  6. Iron Man –
    Ok…Robert Downey Jr. is cute – does that count?
    No, seriously, I liked the Iron Man movies (not just because of Robert) I thought they were good.

  7. I favor the Incredible Hulk as my super hero. I really was not a fan, but after watching the movie with my young teens something clicked. I realize that I deal with something similar in my home with my teenagers. They both have an attitude that at times lash out and become angry. They always pull that they were upset and couldn’t control their anger. I used this movie as an example explaining we all have tempers and it is easy to let go and let it all out. It’s much harder to contain and try use other tools to express your emotions. The hulk does not like when he loses control and is trying new things to contain the anger before let it all out and becoming the green angry hulk! God Bless All

  8. Dark Knight – The way it analyzes what a hero is and why they are needed was exemplary.
    I also have to throw in “The Specials” for being completely unlike any other super hero movie.

  9. Superhero movies keep getting more and more epic. Of all of them Avengers would be an obvious choice, but I think The Dark Knight Rises is cinematically brilliant with a story line that is inventive and captivating. Not to mention an incredible cast. Definitely a Batman fan.

  10. It will always be Superman for me!! Saw you speak at Highland Baptist Church in Garner, NC and you really opened my eyes to issues teens face and how they dance at the Prom! You were so right …even in this little town! Wow! The way you described playing video games with your son was hysterical!! 🙂

  11. Definitely Hulk from Avengers. Definitely for inner battle and outer battle. Most identifiable to our young people in their lives right now.

  12. Superman is the number one best super hero, super strong, fly, heat and x-ray vision, fast, but the next best super hero is the silver surfer.

    The best super hero movie I would have to say the avengers, but I would also add 2 more the fantastic four, and I have this feeling that the Man of Steel is going to be awesome!

  13. I am a big Spider-Man fan, but to date – Avengers is my favorite super hero movie. I loved the flow and the balance – between action and humor and between the different characters. I thought the face time of all the heroes was very well balanced – it is hard to focus on so many main characters but this movie did a great job allowing the audience to do so.

  14. Spiderman 2… why? Because that was the first movie that my wife and I saw together. Have there been better movies? YES… but movies stick with you not only because of the story, but the experience and emotions you had when you first saw it! Over the Top and Teen Wolf take me back to middle school. Monty Python’s Holy Grail escorts me back to high school days and Spiderman 2 take me back to the exciting new journey with my wife.

  15. I’ve got to go with Avengers. Love it when the strengths come together! …and it contains one of my favorite lines in a movie:

    Captain America to Loki – “There’s only one God and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t dress like that.”

  16. Batman Begins is my favorite superhero movie to date. The old movies were so cheesy and unrealistic more of something to laugh at and with. The new series was very entertaining and realistic with more things to pull out of them spiritually. This was just a fabulous movie!

  17. Gotta be Avengers…..the chemistry with the cast was great and it was fun….they didn’t take themselves too terribly serious…always good!

  18. I already have my ticket, but I want to play anyway. I don’t want to win by the way.

    What’s the best Superhero film? “The Dark Knight,” by far. Why? In terms of structure, story, acting, directing,etc. it’s pretty much masterfully done. A masterpiece of the superhero genra. It also has a lot to say about the rights and wrongs of what Batman does. Also love how his relationship with Joker is portrayed. Like the comics Joker is Batmans reflection. They really aren’t that different, save one is for Order and the other Choas. Does Batmans fight for order breed choas? Is Batman just as Crazy as Joker? I love that this movie makes you think about these questions. Not only is it a great action/crime movie, it’s also thought provoking. TDK is everything a fan of Batman would want in a Batman film, and shows why he’s the most popular DC character. He not just a good guy fighting crime, dressed as a bat. He’s something more. All that and Batman isn’t really even the main character. TDK is also about Dent and Gordon. That’s something else I liked. They were able to keep it a Batman film, but instead of diving more into the human being they descided to use the movie to explore the idea and symbolisms of Batman, while the key figure in the film is actually Dent.

    But TDK isn’t my favorite superhero film. In fact I like THE DARK KNIGHT RISES a little more for different reasons. It’s a flawed film, but I like the ambition. I liked that Nolan attempted to make an Epic like the old Hollywood epics of Old. However doing that means your film will suffer from the same problems of epics, like decompression and what not. A great film, even if it’s legacy may be the same as ROTJ. Plus l love Tom Hardy. He was great in Bronson.

    Avengers is a great film. Joss Whedon(Atheist) did what nobody thought could be done, and that’s do a superhero team up movie. Before it came out, I don’t think anyone really thought this was actually going to be good. They idea was just to complicated. Four main heroes that comes from movies with different tones, styles, etc. put into one movie. But if there was anybody to pull it off it was Whedon. Who’s work on TV shows with ensemble cast is note worthy. I pretty much marathoned Buffy the Vampire Slayer to see what Whedon was all about, and came out of it a big fan. He was able to give each character time to breath and to be apart of the show. Using the one on one scenes to build characterization as well as building characterization through action scenes. Which was quite clever. Whedon’s dialogue has always been great, and proved great again here with these characters. And the last 45 action sequence was just plain Awesome. Avengers is just a great Blockbuster, and is also a film that’s easy to watch over and over again. Whedon doesn’t like to fail, and will do everything in his power to make something good. He suceeded. But Avengers isn’t my favorite Superhero film.

    Also I question some of yalls views on Hulk. Yes Banner/Hulk as a character is typically about his fight with his Darkside. It’s also the reason why his character doesn’t usually work on film. Nobody wants to spend money to watch a movie about a character who doesn’t want to turn into the thing people want him to turn into. You pay money to see his Darkside, so I don’t really think he’s that much of a role model for kids. The actuals themes dealing with the character are, but either way you take your kid to a Hulk movie and they are gonna wanna see the Hulk. They are gonna want to see his Darkside. Thankfully I’m an atheist, so that doesn’t bother me. Our Darksides are apart of us, and that’s what I think Whedon decided to do with the character. See in the film, we learn that Banner is always an angry person. The whole struggle in Avengers is actually very minor. However the whole Idea now seems to be built around him saying,”Hey I live with a guy who’s very angry, and if you don’t disturb him he won’t disturb you.” Banner in Avengers is a lot more comfortable with himself than in the previous films, and he’s also learned to take his Darkside and aim it, thus using it for a good. Which is taken from the old TV show I think. Basically it means that Banner can control the Hulk and thus use him to fight evil. Which also allows for films where it’s less,”I don’t want my bad side to come out,” and more,”Your about to something evil, and if I have to I’ll call my friend to be a stop to it.” Thus we get a Banner who will give us the thing we want to see.

    Time to finish my game. My favorite superhero film is actually BATMAN 89. It’s just a great popcorn film. One of my favorites, and it’s also one of my favorite rainy day movies. It’s just fun, Quotable to all hell, and I love the style. Jack was great too….

    “Jack…Jack’s dead. You can call me JOKER, and as you can see…I’m a lot happier.”

    Films flaw is that unlike Batman Begins, it’s not about BATMAN. He’s just the foil. The hero who saves the day. Still it’s a great film with great production design, acting, and style. Love it. Love Batman: Returns too, but it’s the biggest missed opportunity of the Batman films IMO. If Burton had made the film about Batman as much as it was about Catwomen and Penguin, and upped the story of 3 freaks who had bad things happen to them, BR would still be the Bat film to beat IMO. I love the darkness about the film, and the style of German Expressionism really worked well for Batman.

    I love talking about movies. So much fun.

  19. Batman Begins is definitely my favorite. It was dark and creepy but quite dramatic and you never knew exactly what was possible to happen.

  20. I love m night’s film “unbreakable” kind of a different take on a superhero story.

    Nolan’s Batman trilogy has to be among the best traditional superhero films of all time – esp when taken as a whole.

  21. Howard the Duck of course!
    Nothing beats the original Superman. “You’ll believe a man can fly!”

  22. My favorite superhero movie to date – Hancock with Will Smith. The wurdy durds flow like whiskey at the Boot Hill Saloon during bike week, but the brokenness of the “hero” slipping/slipped into total inward despair speaks to something about this world that isn’t seen anywhere else. When the doctor tells him that he’s an a-hole (a pet peeve of the hero obviously) and that it’s not a crime to be an a-hole, but it’s very counter-productive – is just priceless.

  23. Batman… from 1989 with Michael Keaton. Who didn’t love that movie when it came out and also, who didn’t dress up like Batman or the Joker that year for Halloween? I watched that movie so many times, had the collector’s cards, even went so far as to buy a cheap hoodie and draw the Batman symbol on the back when my mom told me we couldn’t afford one of the millions of overpriced Batman marketed clothing items.

  24. I loved Avengers – getting all those characters on one screen in one story was really an incredible accomplishment!

  25. I had been turned off by superhero films when our kids were younger for the last several years with all of the darkness and sensuality, but I was pleasantly surprised with the Avengers and it has caused me to look at some of the other new hero films. I look forward to reading the review of Man of Steel and seeing if it will be a good fit for our family. Thanks!

  26. The original Batman forever, Masks, Stretch Pants, Capes, and real fights…

    “Yikes Batman that was a close one” Robin

    BAM!! POW@#$ KABOOM*&^&*

    Saturday mornings and after school always…

  27. I love them all because they are just so cool to watch!!! 😉 If I really had to choose though, it would be the XMen movies. Why? Because it shows that we should be tolerant of EVERYONE…oh yeah and the the super cool effects!! 😉

  28. I would have to go with The Dark Knight. Heath Ledger’s performance and depiction of The Joker was some of the best acting I’ve seen. Can’t beat the realistic style of story telling that is brought to this trilogy…of course, I haven’t seen Man of Steel yet. 🙂

  29. Dark Knight because it raises interesting questions, some i have discussed with teens, like whether there is ever a time that the truth isnt good enough. Ironman and spider-man 2 follow close behind for other reasons.

  30. Best super-hero film to date for me is “Captain America: The First Avenger”.

    Why? He is a modest, humble guy. He has Judeo-Christian morals. He is a leader of others, and seeks to make those around him better–and they follow his lead, not because he is strongest or the smartest, but because he is an effective leader. He is the only character i’ve ever known that ever acknowledges God–despite the incredibly powerful heroes/villains he encounters. His character is one of a team-builder, not a solo act. He’s always been one of my favorite characters.

    Honorable mentions for 2nd: Superman II and The Avengers.

  31. Best superhero film to date: The Avengers

    The buildup, finely crafted story, and the team dynamics make the movie the best so far. Every character represented their comic counterparts well and credit goes to Joss Whedon for that.

  32. Love the Spiderman movies…especially the first one. Toby McGuire did an excellent job and I loved the humor!

  33. The Avengers. It was funny, I was engaged the whole time, and giddy at all the action and interaction between the heroes.

    Also it helped that my wife loved it so much. She wanted to go see it..and sometimes I come home from a youth event to find her watching it without me. It hurts a little, but I love that she enjoys it so much!

  34. I still like the original Superman movie with Christopher Reeves as Superman.
    I liked the way most of the movie was done even with some flaws but best of all I really liked the fact that I could take my entire family or youth group and I didn’t really have to worry about the things they might see or what we might hear. It was a good family movie with the good guy coming out on Top!

  35. I would have to say Ironman. Just watched Ironman 3 and it was awesome. Tony Stark was able to defend and beat some of the enemy on his own with out the SUIT. Even when he had only pieces of the suit he got stronger and gained more abilities. However when he put on the FULL ARMOR he was unbeatable just like us when we put on the FULL ARMOR OF GOD that we are told to wear in Ephesians 6 and with the Super Power of Jesus we can defeat Satans attacks! This is why I really enjoyed this movie becaused it helped me to remember that we Christians have the ability to be SUPER HERO’s if we just put on the FULL ARMOR OF GOD!!

  36. Best superhero movie to date: The Avengers! It had everything in it. Funny, serious, depth, great acting, amazing action… But I have a feeling Man of Steel is going to top it. Cant wait to see it with my small group guys and also with my wife 🙂

    I have to say one of the best movie moments recently was watching Capt. America in nearby Fresno. The scene where one of the guys asked if they were taking everyone to battle (because one of the guys was Asian). The Asian guy responds with… “I’m from Fresno, Ace!” EVERYONE in the theater screamed and cheered!

  37. I personally have been a bit let down with EVERY, yes, I say, in all caps, EVERY superhero movie since the 78 Superman. So, that’s a tough one to top. But, I think I have to give a slight edge to Avengers in spite of Joss Whedon’s “a main character HAS to die for no apparent reason” mentality that makes me want to…well, we’ll just say “be VERY not-Christie” to him.

    I’ve hated every Batman movie ever made. Even Jack Nicholson couldn’t save us from the epic failure that is Tim Burton.

    The main issue I have with comic book movies is that I love the comic books. As such, I don’t need for writers or directors “being creative.” It’s simple…you have a perfectly good, entertaining story right there on the pages. Just put that story on the screen in front of me. I didn’t pay to see your interpretation…I came to see the master artistry of Stan Lee et al “come to life.”

    OK, sorry for the rant. Think these discussions hit a nerve with me at all? LOL

    1. Stupid auto-correct…I wanted to say “non-Christ-like” not “non-Christie” :\

  38. I’ve never been a real big fan of super hero movies so I haven’t seen a lot of the older movies, but for the sake of my hubby I’ve been watching most of the newer ones. Some are ridiculous to me (Thor) but I’ve really enjoyed Iron Man. This series felt like more than just a “super hero movie”.. it had a good story to it as well.

  39. I would have to say that my favorite super hero movie to date is either iron man (1) or batman begins. I am a fan if the whole genre but those two are the ones that I watch over.

  40. Ironman.
    Love Tony Stark and how the films have developed his character (I haven’t read the comics, so won’t comment on how they compare, just seen the movies).

  41. If I have to take pick one Super Hero movie off my shelf to watch and I only get one choice (I have all the important ones to date!) it would be Batman with Keaton and Nicholson! Batman and Hulk are my favorites anyway and as much as I LOVE all the new movies from both of them including Avengers, I would still say that Batman from 1989 is my favorite all time! Sure am loving all these super hero movies and hope they keep on cranking them out lol Ba Da Da Da Da….I’m Lovin’ It!

  42. The Dark Knight – very well done, with a heavy dose of action, but with a few plot twists and turns that kept me and my friends in suspense through the whole movie, and left us discussing the subtle and minute details for hours afterwards. Amazing!

  43. Definitely Captain America! He stands for what it’s good and right! He is the ultimate hero!

  44. I’m going to say Superman. When he’s flying around the earth backwards to reverse time. I could totally relate to wanting to do that at times in my life as well.

  45. After seeing just about all the superhero movies ever made, I have to say it’s hands-down…Mystery Men. I mean what junior high boy wouldn’t want to be the Spleen? Paul Reubens with the power to incapacitate the bad guys with a single pull of his “fingersh?” It doesn’t get any better than that!

  46. I’m sure that if you are a “purist” in this genre then mine does not count but hands down my favorite was Mystery men … it’s release was timely in a string of movies of this type in the 90s and it poked fun at the hilariousness that we saw in some of them … I know, it’s not a real “superhero movie” but still …

  47. All the Spider-Man movies are my favorite. The Avengers and Batman are also up there. I am teaching our students a series using the Avenger characters as examples of Bible characters.

  48. If I can go cartoon I would say Superman: Doomsday – we see a superman who is willing to kill the criminals rather than just see them locked up again, so they can escape again, so they can go on rampage again, even if he is a clone. Otherwise I would say the Latest Incredible Hulk movie because those two other ones from a few years ago where horrible. Also there is a running joke in my house that my wife turns in to a big green monster when ever she is hungry cus she gets mad, and well.. you know she kinda hulks-out. I throw food at her and hide in a corner till she calms down 🙂

  49. Spiderman 2. I liked watching Peter Parker struggle with balancing both worlds he lived in, and as a youth minister I think Toby Maguire did a good job showing the struggle a teen has with identity, responsibility and personal desire.

  50. I have to go with the old school 1989 Batman with Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson. This was the first movie that I saw in theaters when I was 5 years old.

  51. Avengers: My kids completely busted out laughing when the Hulk threw Loki around like a rag-doll and then slammed him down. Then the Hulk says, “Puny god.”


  52. Mystery Men, the best of super heroes you can find, featuring the Spleen and Invisible Boy!

  53. Iron man 3 hands hands down or the avengers or the dark knight rises or captain America. Ok I just really love super hero movies.

  54. The Avengers!
    My kids got me interested in Super Hero movies a few years ago with the first of the movies in this series. We couldn’t wait for this one to come out and we actually waited all day in line to see it on opening night, so you know they really got this mom hooked!! I love that the action is coupled with comic relief…it helps me not to get too scared, LOL! Looking forward to more in the future. I can’t wait to see Man of Steel!

  55. I’ll say Unbreakable, because it’s so unique. I guess it’s not even the typical “superhero movie”. Also because I love the idea of discovering your strengths and what you’re meant to do. Plus, all the side story with a family in need of healing is really compelling. And, of course, the twist!

  56. I love superhero movies in general, though I do agree with the earlier poster who commented on how disturbingly dark they have become. I was not a fan of the new Batman trilogy, and am a little afraid to see Nolan’s treatment of Supes.

    However, Superman is my favorite hero, so I’ve gotta see the movie! Free tickets would be great. 😉

    My favorite movie would be… Superman II (2). Yes, the one with Zod, (another good reason to see the new one). Why? Because Superman finally levels with Lois. Because he puts the people of Earth ahead of self. Because he ultimately wins with brains. And because of the diner scene, of course!

    Great contest. Fun to read everyone’s posts. My runner-up-film would be Avengers, by the way. Great writing. Witty. Fun.

  57. Clearly not alone when I say Dark Knight. There’s so much to love in this movie! The acting is phenomenal, the story and action are great. But my favorite part is the way it draws on our fascination to the ambiguous hero. The Joker doesn’t hate Batman, he just wants him to dirty his reputation a little. The Joker himself, although evil, has this oddly charming side to him. The Joker puts bombs and detonators on two ships. One with average citizens and one w/ criminals. The citizens (“good ones”) want to kill the criminals. The criminals (“bad ones”) end up throwing the detonator off the boat sparing the citizens. There’s a draw in all of us to do the right thing our own way instead of fully submitting to God’s will.

  58. Got be Spiderman, how can you not love a superhero that can climb building and catch the bad guys by spinning them in spider webs.

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