Lori in the hospital

Posted on: 01/15/19 1:26 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Many of you already read on my Facebook page that we had a crazy weekend–while I was in St. Louis speaking, Lori was rushed to the hospital to have her appendix removed.

The surgery went well, but her recovery has been a little slower than expected. Doc said even though her appendix hadn’t ruptured, it had turned nasty and adhered to her bowel and started spreading the nasty (I paraphrase). So her bowel was really angry at her and the docs were trying to fight it with antibiotics.

She ended up staying two nights in the hospital and finally got to come home last night. Now she’s on bedrest and I’m bringing her soup, liquids, too many meds to count, etc.

Those of you who are used to seeing new resources being posted to TheSource4YM.com and TheSource4Parents.com are seeing a lag… because Lori is the backbone of posting stuff to these sites. So this week EVERYONE is going to be missing Lori big time (life of the small non-profit).

So rest assured… more free resources are coming. Just pray for Lori’s speedy recovery.

So glad to have my girl home!!!

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  1. So sorry to hear the sad news, but glad to know she is through the worst of it and getting better. Don’t worry about the free resources, just focus on your family and know that youth workers nationwide (maybe even worldwide?) are praying for her and you. Take care, brother. Lots of prayers being lifted for the McKees right now.

  2. I thank God she is home and for all you’ve done for people all over the world.

    I pray for a full recovery, for peace and provision.

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