Justin Bieber on the Mind

Posted on: 03/31/10 10:00 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Justin who?

Ask your daughter; she knows, along with every other young girl across the media driven world. As I type this, his Never Let You Go video is the #1 downloaded video on iTunes, and his Baby videos (the bonus video and the video with Ludacris) are in the #4 spot and #9 spot on iTunes top 10 music videos (yeah, that’s three of the top 10 spots)

So who is this kid with the tinny voice?

That’s what my friend asked me last night as we were hanging out. He heard his daughter singing the songs… kind of catchy. I told him, “Funny you should ask,” and brought him right to our web page www.TheSource4YM.com where this week’s Youth Culture Window article was staring him in the face from the big magnifying glass on our front page. This week’s article provides the low down on Bieber, with samples of lyrics, and a little about the artists that he’s emulating.

For example, the article mentions Kati Couric asking him about Usher and Justin Timberlake as role models. Bieber responded, “I’d like to, you know, build my career around what they’ve done.”

Hmmmmm. Are these the best role models Bieber can find?

Bieber is already singing with Ludacris. I have touched on Ludacris’ content in this blog several times now in the last few weeks (here’s one). Not exactly a positive influence.

I encourage you to check out the whole article.