Just Four Minutes

Posted on: 11/17/08 7:38 AM | by Jonathan McKee

It’s finally here.

Those blog subscribers who are youth workers have been hearing us talk a lot about a fun little resource we’re launching on our web site at THE SOURCE, and that is “4-Minutes.”

No… not the Madonna song.

“4-Minutes” is just another way we at THE SOURCE can provide you with training and ideas about youth ministry topics. The format is video and the content always varies. Sometimes we will just be interviewing an author or speaker you may recognize. Other times we might be taking a peek at a youth ministry on the front lines and what that type of ministry actually looks like. Sometimes it might just be a lot of fun! All this… in less than 4 Minutes!

In our first goofy little episode, Furby and I simply introduce “4 Minutes” and brainstorm some of the guest and topics we will have… and we say the word “stuff” A LOT!!!!

(click here to see the video if you get received this via email or RSS feed)

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2 Replies to “Just Four Minutes”

  1. Every single piece of info on your main page was incredibly helpful to me. this site is the most practical, helpful for this wednesday night, not afraid to get its hands dirty thing in the world. with all that info going out there should be some crazy doctrine thrown in or at least no concearn for evangelism or something, but there’s not. the devil must hate you, jonathan mckee. keep it up, love you bro. btw, half my friends on facebook are youth pastors. it might be cool to have a fb link. (there probably is one i just haven’t seen it. jon

  2. Jon… thanks for the comment. I’m glad our web site is a help. That’s our goal: Helping Youth Workers Reach Kids. I hope our free resources help make your job easier.

    As for the Facebook thing… that would be cool. Right now the one thing that’s kept us from doing that is the fact that we are INUNDATED with emails and Q&A that we can barely keep up with. I know that would double on Facebook!

    But if God provides more help, maybe that’s an area we could steer.

    Thanks again!

    Keep up the good work!

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