Instagram Hides “Likes”

Posted on: 07/23/19 5:47 AM | by Jonathan McKee

In the last year we’ve seen some really positive strides by tech and social media giants to actually help the mental health of its users…last year when IOS and Droid released new updates that includes screen time limits, downtime, etc… and now Instagram testing (lets just hope it lasts) hiding the likes everyone receives in effort to create a “less pressurized environment.”

This is HUGE for young people today.

It’s like this:

Kristy posts a picture of her new shoes and gets 32 likes. 32 isn’t bad…except the fact that Brianna posted a picture of hershoes and got 126 likes.

Sigh. Why don’t people like my shoes as much as Brianna’s?

This “test” from Insta could help eliminate some of that pressure. Users will be able to see how many likes they receive on a post, but not see the likes their friends have received.

If only we could get them to now hide how many followers users have.

Oh well. Yet another stride to minimize the impact this little devices is having…this little barometer of self esteem.

3 Questions to Ask Your Kids in the Car:

1.  Why do you think Instagram decided to make this change?

2. How will hiding the “likes” others receive help receive the pressure people feel to be liked?

3. Can you think of a time when you felt pressured to “measure up” to someone else?


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