Indiana and Notre Dame

Posted on: 08/15/09 5:42 PM | by Jonathan McKee

I just finished teaching a workshop to youth workers from 8 different churches in South Bend, Indiana. It was a fun time– great people.

I had never been to South Bend before. The hotel I stayed at was right across the street from Notre Dame. I walked over to the campus- beautiful. Really amazing.

Just a few weeks before I was in Boston and visited Harvard. Sorry… Harvard’s campus doesn’t hold a candle to Notre Dame. Notre Dame felt so much more like a community, where Harvard felt like a bunch of buildings crammed into the middle of a crowded city. I’m sure there is much more to an education than the “feel” of the campus… but as for atmosphere… Notre Dame wins by a longshot. Pretty cool football stadium too.

I’m now back in Chicago- I fly out tomorrow. I grabbed some Giordano’s Pizza, my favorite pizza across the nation… off to bed soon.


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  1. Thank you so much for coming and presenting the workshop. I found it very helpful and inspiring and heard that we might be lucky enough to have you come back at some point and have you do a parent’s workshop. I am not a parent, but would look forward to that very much!

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