The Hottest Topics- The Top Dozen

Posted on: 10/23/11 7:01 PM | by Jonathan McKee

I always find it interesting to watch what topics interest you, my blog readers. Sometimes I’ll post a blog and I’ll watch the traffic trickle. Other times I’ll post something, obviously a hot topic… and traffic explodes. Such was the case last week with my blog titled, “Dad, Can I Go to the Homecoming Dance?” That blog drew over 10 times my normal traffic.

Here’s a dozen of my blogs that drew a surprisingly large audience in the last year or so:

Dad, Can I Go to the Homecoming Dance?

Should Ashley Download Pumped Up Kicks?

When Sports Becomes God

Pleading Ignorant

They Don’t Know or Don’t Want to Know

Yelling Works… Temporarily

An Inside Look at Bullying

Sexy Little Girls

Are You a “Parent”… or a “Friend”?

Ashley’s Attitude

I’m Too Sexy for my… Costume?

and one of my personal favorites…

“Just Let Em’ Watch TV!”

What about you? What was your favorite topic I hit so far?

What topic do you wish I would address?

One Reply to “The Hottest Topics- The Top Dozen”

  1. I’d have to say Should Ashley donwload…..because literally one day after that, my daughter played that song in the car and we discussed it. I did not even know that song existed. One thing I’d love to see, is how to switch gears when you have been doing things one way forever, to make changes. I’ve never made my kids ask about downloading songs, watching TV (most TV) or had them ask if they could go to a dance. (We do have a rule on movies, so I’m good there. Even my friends call me to see if they can a watch a certain movie at their house.) I don’t think I would start with those rules now, but I would like to instill the feeling in my daughter who is still at home, on how to make good choices on what she will expose herself to. Thanks Jonathan. I love your blog and find your advice and insight to be spot on.

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