Hiking in the Sierras

Posted on: 07/30/11 2:58 PM | by Jonathan McKee

This week Lori, myself, my two girls and their friend Trevor went hiking in the Sierra mountains. (Anyone recognize that backpack on Trevor’s back?)

I live in a suburb of Sacramento. If you looked at Sacramento on a topographical map, you’d see that we are in the huge valley that runs in the middle of California. We sit right at the foot of the Sierra mountains. I can be at Lake Tahoe in about 90 minutes if I go East (and I can be in San Francisco if I go 90 minutes west).

One of great things about Sacramento is being so close to good skiing, hiking, fishing, etc. My family likes hiking, backpacking, etc., so Wednesday we decided to go on a little 6 or 7 mile hike.

My son Alec was working, so we took the girls and they invited their friend Trevor. (You’ve seen pictures of Trevor before. He’s a good family friend and the same young buck that took Alyssa to homecoming last year. Nice kid!) We drove about an hour to the base of the trail, and after the girls made fun of Lori and my hiking shoes (yes, they even had to take a picture of how goofy our legs looked), we set off on the trail.

I love hiking with the kids because there’s no distractions, no TV, no video games, no iPods (yes, they could bring some… but we don’t do electronics on hike days), just conversation.

We found a nice little lake and the three kids ended up swimming for a while, then drying out in the sun for the hike home. Pretty cool experience swimming in a lake that’s not accessible to anyone that’s no willing to hike at least three miles, climbing 1200 feet of elevation.

On the way home Lori suggested In and Out Burger… another great thing about California!

Good day!

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  1. Beautiful scenery! Lived 3 years in California (San Fernando Valley) and love In and Out! We were young and poor with a baby on the way, so we didn’t get around the state very much. I am sorry we didn’t! Thanks for sharing!

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