Helpful new free resources

Posted on: 05/31/17 2:27 PM | by Jonathan McKee

We have posted some really helpful free resources in the last month or two. I wanted to highlight a few in case you missed them.

NOTE: Whenever I meet any of you in person at conferences and events around the world, the one common statement I hear is, “Thanks for your web site.” Of which I always respond, “You welcome. What is it you use the most?” The responses are always intriguing. I think “games” is the most common response I hear from youth workers, and the “youth culture articles” is the second most common answer. “Parenting help articles” is by far the number one answer from parents.

I’m glad you like them… that’s why we keep them free.

Here’s a few you won’t want to miss, both for parents and youth workers. I’ll start with youth workers…


Music DiscussionI’m the One, by DJ Khaled, Justin Beiber, Chance the Rapper…

Music DiscussionBeliever, by Imagine Dragons

Movie Clip DiscussionHacksaw Ridge



Digital Guardians: Can Tech Solve the Problems it Creates?

Unpacking 13 Reasons Why: Two Glaring Truths the Show Revealed

My 16-Year-Old Doesn’t Believe: 5 Tips to Responding in Grace and Truth

Free 7-week Parenting Curriculum on YouTubeIf I Had a Parenting Do Over


Coming Soon- for Teenagers:

And be on the lookout… Amazon has already started presale (for literally half price) on Jonathan’s new book, The Teen’s Guide to Social Media and Mobile Devices