Rambo in Disguise as Little Orphan Annie

Posted on: 09/7/11 11:44 PM | by Jonathan McKee

After a summer offering several fun movie choices… the theaters have run a little dry of late. So my attention has turned to the DVD/Blu Ray rental scene.

This week a intriguing little film was released, something very creative and original. The film is Hanna.  I think I’d put this in the same category as Bourne Identity or, dare I say, The Transporter (the first one, not the lame sequels). It’s a creative story with a lot of fun action, admittedly more for male audiences than female audiences.

Here’s a snippet from my official review of the film on our MOVIE REVIEWS & QUICK Q’s page:

No one can accuse this film of being unoriginal.

The film begins literally in the middle of nowhere, where father and daughter live together in an isolated cabin, hunting, reading, working out and practicing martial arts.

Within minutes, we discover that 16 year-old Hanna is training for something big. She’s smart, she’s fast, she’s tough… she’s Rambo in disguise as Little Orphan Annie.

Hanna engages on a mission to assassinate someone, a mission that results in her being tracked and hunted by a ruthless intelligence agent (Blanchett) and her operatives.

I haven’t seen a film of this genre so fresh and original since Luc Besson’s The Professional. Although, unlike Natalie Portman’s child character in that film, Hanna is fully competent to survive on her own.

This film has it all: action that keeps you on the edge of your seat, likeable characters, despicable villains, and creative camerawork that subtly makes the film more interesting than most.

Click here for that review along with the discussion questions I provided, a dialogue about revenge and how God wants to free us from the self-inflicted torture chamber of bitterness.

As I mention in my review, this film probably isn’t for young kids. A little violent at times. But I wouldn’t hesitate to bring my teenagers to the film and discuss it afterwards.

This will have to hold me off until November 23rd… when the new The Muppets movie is released. (Seriously… it’s gonna rock! Trust me!)

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