Fraternizing Banned

Posted on: 03/3/09 8:29 AM | by Jonathan McKee

This world continues to be a scary place to live in. Things once good, made bad by a few, are now banned. More policies are continuing to be enforced preventing adults from connecting with students through technology.

The power of a positive adult role model in a kid’s life is undeniable. Nothing makes an impact like a caring adult. But caring adults need to be careful these days. In December I blogged about some of the precautions youth workers need to take when using technology to connect with kids. I provided a few examples of some legislation in place that would ban teachers from having social network relationships with students.

Last week we saw another article (ht to Anastasia at about a new policy enforced by a WI school board putting a halt to “irresponsible communication” between staff and students via social networking and IM.

Perhaps good ol’ face to face contact isn’t so bad.


(ht to David)