Flying Pie Pizzaria

Posted on: 10/7/12 3:01 AM | by Jonathan McKee

As a true lover of pizza, I have to give a shout out to a small little place called Flying Pie Pizzaria in Boise. Tonight I ate there for the second time, and the experience actually surpassed my expectations… which wasn’t an easy task, because I loved the place the first time.

Last year was my first trip to Boise. I flew out for the weekend to preach in a small downtown church and teach a parenting workshop. Matt, the youth worker, booked me again this year to come speak to the congregation and do another workshop.

When he booked me I told him, “We’ve gotta go to that cool little pizza joint again!”

So not even an hour after I landed, Matt picked me up and we headed down West State Street to the humble pizzeria.

The atmosphere isn’t anything fancy, but it’s warm and cozy with an inviting smell that is a precursor of good things to come. The workers are mostly hipsters, all smiling and in good spirits. A small whiteboard reveals the names that are featured for the next 5 days. The restaurant offers free pizza if you name is T.J. today, Leanne tomorrow, and Keith on Monday. (Dang… no Jonathan up there!!!) Sometimes it offers free pizza on certain days if you bring your violin or harmonica and play a tune.

I can’t help but chuckle about the subtle things, like the ice cube and the ice tea dispenser.

And again when I grabbed a fork for my salad.

Of course, when you are getting your salad, they might tell you to duck, because their pizza orders are flying by your head on a zip line to the cooks.

The place is a lot of fun.

But it all would be in vain if the pizza didn’t… deliver (no pun intended). But the pizza doesn’t disappoint.

No, it’s not Giordano’s… but who is?

The entire experience is always fun. But Matt is a good guy, and First Baptist Church of Boise are good people. What can I say… I really enjoy my trips to Boise.

If you drive through, make sure you stop at Flying Pie Pizzaria.