Eye Stitches

Posted on: 05/16/12 5:26 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Sounds painful, huh?

This Thursday I go in for the third attempt to motivate my right eye to better take correction. That means a couple stitches, this time, with a day or two running start of antibiotics.

Many of you remember what happened last time we tried to do this… I got Zombie Eye! (not an official diagnosis… just what I called it). This time… I expect much better!

The worst part about it is the fact that I’m awake when they put in these stitches. They have this cool little gadget that pries open my eye, they numb me up, then they tell me, “Look forward… now a little to the left…” then they put in the stitch why I hold still! (Yeah… no pressure!)

If all goes well, I’ll be fine 24 hours later. Appreciate your prayers!

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5 Replies to “Eye Stitches”

  1. Jonathan,
    I know what you are going through and you are certainly in my prayers. When I was 12 and at church camp I received a cut on my eye while swimming. The cut came from a boy swimming next to me when he reached forward to take a stroke and my face turned toward him to take a breath. He must have been in need of a manicure because a finger nail of his sliced into my eye and cut it. From that I received a stitch to close the wound and had to wear a patch for a week. I too was told to look down and to the left but had as a distraction a pretty nurse to keep my focus while they did the deed. I hope you have something pretty to look at while they stitch you up too! 🙂

  2. Sending up prayers for stillness and focus! Praying for great success!

  3. We are definatley praying for you! Hope all goes well. Looking forward to great update. God will help you through it! Hang in there 🙂

  4. Just like Charlie Brown (or was it Linus–oh well..) I had surgery for “lazy eye” when I was very young (5? 6? 7?) I’m 65 now, anyway, had to have ether for the surgery-boy, was I sick. Then I had to do exercises to try to get my eyes working together. Worked for a few years, then I started to need prismatic lenses in my glasses, then when that quit working after a few more years, I went back to the same old lazy eye that I started out with. I’m sure they can do better today!!! Prayers are with you.

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