Disney Panties Pulled From Shelves

Posted on: 08/18/08 9:45 AM | by Jonathan McKee

And to think, I was surprised when I saw junior high girls walking around the mall with the word “juicy” imprinted across their butt.

Disney just came out with a new line of High School Musical panties for kids (as in, 7-years-old)… with the words “Dive In” on the front of them. The funny thing is, apparently, (according to this NYMag Fashion article) the way it was packaged, you don’t see the words until you open up the package… or until your 8 year old walks into the room wearing a Winnie the Pooh t-shirt and her new undies bearing the message “Dive In.”

Anyway… Disney issued a statement:

“Unfortunately, an oversight was made and the text on the underwear was used out context.”  (Reuters, 8/16/08)

Yeah… right! Maybe they need to have my high school son and his friends on their committee. I can’t even say the word “balls” at soccer practice without getting a chuckle. Who the heck is missing the connotations of the words “dive in” on the front of a pair of panties? Perhaps they need to hire the 5th grade boy wearing the South Park shirt that lives down the street from me to start screening this stuff.

Ironic: Disney is apologizing for these suggestive panties… but aren’t they just following suit from other designers out there (like Beyonce’- I blogged about that before)? I seem to not be alone in that opinion.


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  1. There are many words, phrases, and misconstruable, pictures, cute sayings, etc on clothing items I see too much of all over town.

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