David’s Debate Results

Posted on: 04/8/11 9:49 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Well, David has finished his pornography debate at the University of South Florida. Late last night, he emailed me to let me know of his immense gratitude for the prayers from The Source’s users. He also gave me some details about how the debate panned out. I’ll let him describe it to you in his own words.


The porn debate is over, and I’ve got great news!

But first, thanks again for all the prayers. I received emails, text messages, and Facebook comments from all over the country thanks to your previous blog about the porn debate. I cannot describe to you the incredible amount of support I sensed from knowing people all over the country were praying specifically for me during a specific timeframe. Leaders from churches I’ve trained at or spoken at over the years – who are also users of The Source – were also chiming in with Bible verses and prayers. In short, incredible! I jokingly told our student body I wanted to face another tough task this coming week just so I’d have this much prayerful support.

And now, time for some good news. To begin with, we had a record-setting attendance. Close to 200 college students poured out to hear the debate…and eat free 5 Guys Burgers and fries. Our facility had students jammed into every corner, with standing room only, as well as a lobby (used as spill over space) crammed full of bodies. Great crowd!

More importantly, that crowd allowed each of the three panelists the opportunity to share their perspective on “the effects of pornography.” (Yes, that’s right; three. At the last minute, a third panelist, the General Manager of The Todd Couples Superstore, a local adult retail store, joined our discussion.)

Because I come from a generation that actually kept score, we passed out tally sheets at the end of the night to gauge where students were at, what they thought, what they learned, and how the debate had impacted them. We asked 4 simple questions that allowed students to describe (1) what they thought about porn BEFORE coming to the debate, (2) what they thought about porn LEAVING the debate, (3) what they were going to do about porn AS A RESULT of the debate, and (4) who WON the debate.

I’m quite pleased – and very humbled – to say that I won the debate. Scratch that; God’s truth won the debate! Without even letting our regular students participate in the tally, our position was found to be “the most compelling” by 52% of the students in attendance. The second place position secured 28% of the crowd’s support, and the third place position garnered 20% of the students’ support.

Even more exciting, we’ve got score cards essentially saying, “You guys have helped me understand I cannot live with the effects of porn any longer. I want help.” Because of this ministry event, we now stand poised to help dozens of young men and women who silently struggle with this serious issue. Praise God!

But, it gets even better! Several of our board members – myself included – strongly believe the young man who participated in the debate (from the adult retail store) is open to further discussion about the effects of the products he sells at his store. I have lunch planned with him next week. Our board is already praying about that conversation over BBQ.

Please join our leadership in praying for Shayne. He was raised in a Catholic household and knows the truth…even though he doesn’t live it. Pray the Gospel is clearly communicated to him through me. Pray that he receives Christ as his Savior…and Lord. Finally, pray that his lifestyle mirrors his newfound faith.

Thanks so much for all you’ve done, and for all you’ll do. You’re an incredible blessing to me.

Like David, I want to take a moment to thank you for praying. He and I travel all over the country and we speak on behalf of God’s truth several times each month. It’s great knowing that you are praying for us. In this blog, I just wanted to update you guys about the effects of your prayers: they worked because God is good, all the time.

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  1. Personally I dont give a shat about your blog, haven’t read it most likely never will, came here by accident. But my question needs to be anwsered never the less, in all of the pictures on your site you look to be wincing; like your straining to take a big dump, is this true are all of your pictures you on the crapper or is this how you truly smile?

    If your pictures are not of you on the toilet, I would suggest hiring another photographer.

    I spend most of my on-line time as a political blogger, but falling on your site I just needed to take a break, thanks for everything, you made my day.


  2. First, David, that is awesome my friend. That is exactly the attitude I knew he would have about this thing. Although it’s important to do well aka “duh, win” his heart was really more set on loving the guys there enough to tell them the truth and win them. Shayne is in my prayers.

    Second, MrEthiopian, the wincing guy in the pics is Jonathan McKee. I think it’s more of a concerned look than a wince though. Whether you came across this blog by googling “Strip club” or however you came across it, this is your lucky day. The guy you see with irritable bowel syndrome is awesome. He helps me get ready to tell kids about the most important thing in the world every week. You ought to read more of his stuff. He loves you. I have a feeling that guys who probe the web leaving juvenile (slightly humorous) comments can use a guy or two like that in their lives. check out some of his “humor” posts. you’ll love him or he’ll give you your money back. That’s the other thing. he’s crazy. he does all the stuff on this site for free.

    By the way, I love you too. And oddly enough I have a stomach ache. Check him out.

  3. Jonathan,

    Don’t listen to MrEthiopian. Since he’s posting like a 5 year-old bully he obviously has issues of his own. You do great work ALL the time, and I am completely indebted to every bit of it. Plus, I never once thought any of your pictures were anything but normal. I’m sorry you, as a public figure, had to experience such distasteful childishness. My prayers go out to you and your ministry, and especially to MrEthiopian.

    God bless,

  4. Thanks for sharing the results of this debate! I set my alarm for 8:15 Thursday night so I’d remember to pray… my wife and I prayed hard that eyes would be opened and Christ would be lifted up. This is such encouraging news, and a huge testimony to the power of prayer. God bless!!

  5. Ha… Thanks for the defense guys. Usually I try to monitor the spammy guys like the angry guy above… but I was hanging with my kids this weekend and didn’t log in and see it. Thanks for the defense. Sad how many angry people there are out there looking for a brawl.

    More importantly, thanks for your prayers for David, and now Shayne. God works!

  6. Yep… we did record the debate. We’re evaluating it now to see if we are just gonna show a clip on YouTube, or do the entire audio, or what. I’ll be posting what we do on this blog.

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