Christian Viral Videos

Posted on: 08/30/10 9:08 AM | by Jonathan McKee

I’ve seen my share of funny viral videos. Christians even have our own special collection of favorites. (Those old  dubbed Jesus videos, Jesus is my Friend by Sonseed…)

Mike, over at sent me a link to a recent article he posted on his blog titled “10 Unintentionally Hilarious Christian Music Videos.” Jesus is my Friend was one of them, Degarmo and Key’s old song “666” (wow… I remember listening to that one in youth group… was I really that stuck in the 80’s?), MC Hammer’s “Pray” (which I don’t think was that bad). A Stryper video even made the cut.

This was by far my favorite. Yikes!

Click here to watch if you don’t see the embedded video.

“…and it’s better than a bone.” Wow. That’s deep.

Click here for Mikes whole list

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  1. The bark at the end…….overkill. Do Muslims have freaks like this? Hilarious. This is why we follow your blog.

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