Challenge other families to Jonathan’s 15-minute home scavenger hunt

Posted on: 03/24/20 9:57 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Tired of being stuck at home watching Netflix? Tired of your lack of social connection with your friends?

Try this…

Text a group of your friends and challenge their families to “Jonathan’s 15-minute home scavenger hunt.”

It’s simple. Tell them at 7:00 sharp they will all receive a list. At 7PM send them Jonathan’s list (which probably has way more items than any one family can get) and give them these instructions:

In a group text, send ONE picture of as many of these items as you can by 7:15PM—gather all the items on the floor and take one clear picture where all items can be seen in one shot. For each item in the picture you will get 100 points. For each minute after 7:15 you get minus 100 points. No pictures will be accepted at all after 7:20. Family with the most points wins!

Here’s the list:


A set of black shoelaces

An expired driver’s license

An unopened pack of toilet paper

A wedding picture

A dead bug

A dog collar

A fried egg

A crescent wrench

A crescent roll (cooked)

A picture of a crescent moon

A feather pillow (which is perfect for a pillow fight)

A VHS tape

Any Star Wars film on disc or tape

A cassette tape

A cat

A set of AirPods

A flip phone

A bow and arrow

A book by James Patterson

Any Kitchen Aid brand appliance, mixer, etc.

A can of some diet drink

A NFL jersey (not t-shirt)

A red stapler

A black leather Bible

A business card

A crock pot

A deck of cards

A yellow pages phone book

Flushable wipes

A blow dryer

Vitamin C tablets

A bobby pin

A swim cap

A bird (good luck with the cat)

A flashlight

10 cans of soup stacked in a pyramid

A McDonalds bag or wrapper of any sort

A bottle of Pepto Bismol (a necessity if you have the above item)

A silver dollar

A barbie

A roll of quarters


Jonathan McKee

9 Replies to “Challenge other families to Jonathan’s 15-minute home scavenger hunt”

    1. It was truly a fun family game. It certainly lightened the mood of each family that played. thank you, Jonathan!

  1. Jeepers. My phone is still pinging even though we stopped at 7:15 pm! Sent out to group of high schoolers (35). One guy even had a live chicken! Jonathan, i thank you! Out of sight game!

  2. Fantastic! Started game with about 30 high schoolers at 7 pm. It’s 7:30 and my phone is still pinging! One guy even had a live chicken! Many thanks, Jonathan!

  3. We had a group of 11 families across 3 states and 2 different time zones play tonight! How fun…& funny to watch my family racing through the house! Great teamwork! Lots of laughs! Lots of friendly competition! We all agreed the family fun and sense of togetherness was just what the doctor ordered for our quaran-time”.

  4. It went well as a Zoom activity most of our youth asked “What is a VHS tape?” We had two teams, one with hats on and one without so we could tell them apart. We had round one with teams alternating turns to find the item with a timer counting them to see which team had the lowest time at the end of the round. (Teams took turns being muted.) Then we had round two as a free for all; whoever turned their mute off and yelled “got it” first (with visual evidence) got a point for their team. Hats won! Thanks Jonathan.

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