Winners of Our Get Connected Contest

Posted on: 11/4/10 5:28 PM | by Jonathan McKee

What can I say… I love giving away free stuff!

As you know, in the last month we’ve offered you some enticing prizes to do one simple thing: connect with us! We’ve talked about the details numerous times. Today we drew the names of the winners. Here they are!

Lorne Fairbanks Massie

Derek Traub
Danielle Catrett White
Melissa Trumblee Brussee
Pastor Paul Rekward
Joey B. Fine
Ryan Espinoza
Jeff Smith
Ben Day
Misti Beal
Stacey DJ
Vicki Knight
David William Roberts
Brian Childers
Fred Peloso
Jennifer Roloff
Matthew Schutter

Faani Engelbrecht

Penni Richardson
Weston (Thatcherdad)
Linda Granato
Chad Swanzy

I’ve emailed every one of these people! Congratulations! Keep connecting… because we love giving stuff away, and we’ll be offering many more chances like these.

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I Want Your Feedback

Posted on: 11/1/10 9:23 AM | by Jonathan McKee

I’ve got something to brighten up your week… a newly revamped free resource, and another opportunity for you and 20 others to win Oakley’s, any of my books, DVDs and other prizes.

Here’s the skinny:

Today we were going to draw winners for all who participated in October’s CONNECT and WIN contest… but this past weekend, we just launched a new “comments and ratings” feature on our Youth Culture Window page, so we’re extending the contest just a few more days!

I’m throwing 10 more of my books in the mix to make this a little more interesting, and we’ll draw the winners this Thursday, giving away a pair of Oakley Sunglasses, a total of 16 of my books, 4 Amish Grace DVDs, and one of Dare 2 Share’s Gospel Journey Maui Youth Group Curriculum!  That means over 20 people will win a prize! Not bad.

So here’s what you do: It’s simple. Go to our Youth Culture Window page using the FREE RESOURCES & IDEAS dropdown menu on On that page you’ll find 161 Youth Culture Window articles. Those articles now have ratings and comments features at the bottom of each article. You can rate it 1 through 5 stars, and give us your feedback via comments. For every article you rate and/or comment… your name is entered into our contest once again!

NOTE: We’re using the honor system here– we know that no one will go through and blindly rate articles they haven’t read. We thank you for only rating or commenting on articles that you’ve read.

Go for it! Start commenting and rating articles now on this page:

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Which Cover Do You Like?

Posted on: 10/6/10 8:41 AM | by Jonathan McKee

I mentioned in an earlier blog that October was a month where we were going to give away some serious prizes. Here’s a chance for you to qualify. We want your two cents on my new book cover.

It’s simple. I’m going to show you four covers below, and I’d like you to comment and tell me your first and second pick. If you comment, you jump in the running for our contest this month where we are giving away a pair of Oakley’s, a bunch of my six youth ministry books and more (more details on that to come… just trust me… give us your comments).

Here’s the four cover “comps” that Standard Publishing is considering for my new parenting book, Candid Confessions of an Imperfect Parent. Tell us your favorite first and second pick by using this blog’s comment feature and answering these 3 quick questions:

Tell us who you are: are you a parent, youth worker, both?

1. Which cover captures your attention and makes you want to buy the book?

2. Is there another cover that grabs you as well?

3. What, if anything, would you change about either of those covers?

Here they are. Tell us your thoughts! And remember- we want your thoughts… so decide your favorites before you look at any other comments- we want your “unbiased” opinion!

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Your Thoughts on Glee

Posted on: 09/15/10 9:09 AM | by Jonathan McKee

I’m working on an article and I’d like your help. I want your two cents about Foxes hit show, Glee.

Since I’d love your comments, I’ll go ahead and make this a contest. Rather than doing the typical “first 10 comments,” etc… I’d like to keep the comments flowing. So here’s the skinny. Make a comment to this blog entry in the next 48 hours. I’ll randomly choose from the helpful comments, drawing 10 winners.

Here’s what I want to know:

Glee is one of the most Emmy-nominated shows on network television (19 Emmy nominations, more than any other show). Season 1 went on sale yesterday and Season 2 is just around the corner (September 21). A ton of our kids are watching it, many obsessing over it.

Add to that… it’s brilliantly executed. The musical numbers are amazing– after the show airs, the songs go on sale on iTunes and are catapulted to the top 10. There’s more talent on this cast than almost any year of American Idol’s top 10. The show isn’t cheesy.

The show deals with issues, showing consequences and hurt. Name it: teen pregnancy, bullying, self image, equal rights… but at the same time, the show sends mixed messages. It’s often course, laced with sexual humor and is very preachy about the homosexual lifestyle (the show has a huge LGBT following).

Christian parents always ask me: Should I let my kids watch it?

I want your answers! (and please include in your comments if you’ve seen the show. You can watch full episodes on

Use the comments and let me know. I’ll send 10 of you a copy of my first book, The Top 12 Resources Youth Workers Want. If you already have the book… still comment. I’d love your thoughts!

Letters to God

Posted on: 08/10/10 9:30 AM | by Jonathan McKee

It’s time for a giveaway… twofold. A free curriculum for everyone, and some DVDs for those who are quick to respond.

I’ve got 5 DVDs of the new family film from some of the same guys that did Fireproof and Facing the Giants. The film is called Letters to God and is available on DVD today. It’s the heartfelt and inspiring story of what happens when one boy’s journey touches the lives of his family, friends and community.

This family film received the highest Dove Approval Rating and an endorsement from the Parents Television Council.

We have a free discussion curriculum you can use for this film on our MOVIE CLIP DISCUSSIONS page, including small group questions, scripture and a wrap up. Give that a peek here.

As for the DVDs? I’ll give them away to the first 5 people who use my blog comment feature to do one simple thing: Tell me which of our free MOVIE CLIP DISCUSSIONS is your favorite.

That’s it.

I’ll contact the first 5 to do so and get their mailing info.

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My Dear Blog Fans

Posted on: 05/26/10 2:19 PM | by Jonathan McKee

I wanted to apologize to you for my blog lately. I won’t bore you with the details, I’ll just tell you that it’s Google’s fault! (seriously, it is!)

All you know is that you haven’t heard from me in a while. But I have been blogging… they just weren’t sent out. The quick explanation is that my blog feed is sent by Google (who took over Feedburner) and they made some switch sometime after the blog about my son, and then you guys experienced silence until this morning (Wednesday).

My faithful web guy Troy went in last night and retweaked it and we THINK that it is working now.

If you’re inbox is like mine, you received the last THREE blogs this morning (Wed). (And now you know all the dark secrets about me and Lori! Those who read the last of those three blogs know what I’m talking about. We had a great time by the way. Good wings!) So hopefully this blog I’m writing now will send out to my email subscribers Thurs.

Anyway… if that works, we’re over the hump and I’ll try to continue to send you good youth culture highlights, media insight, parenting tips, youth worker helps, and just plain fun stuff!

Hey… here’s an idea (speaking of fun stuff). First five people to reply (just hit reply- it goes to me) to my EMAIL FEED of this blog (which should send out the same time as my feed Wed morning), I’ll send them a copy of my most recent book CONNECT (actually… any one of my books in print. Name it.). In other words… when this blog sends out Thursday morning, I’m rewarding the first 5 people that reply to this blog in their email’s inbox (hoping that it indeed works again!)

How’s that for a test!  🙂  (a test to see who’s still reading at this point in this very boring blog!)  🙂

I’ll post the winner in the comments.

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