Bad Just Got Good

Posted on: 12/1/08 7:59 AM | by Jonathan McKee

That’s the show’s sound byte: “Bad just got good!The Bad Girl’s Club.

It’s hard to even imagine that TV could be any worse than Tila Tequila or sexually charged programming like the Pussy Cat Dolls’ reality show. But I think the Oxygen’s Bad Girl’s Club is pretty dang close.

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In an article last year, Media Life Magazine calls The Bad Girls Club “the show that defines Oxygen.” It goes on…

“The Bad Girls Club,” the nasty, sex-filled reality romp that follows seven party girls living in one house, including a hustler and a stripper.

In one episode a housemates throws dishes and fruit at the wall in a rage. In another a girl tosses bleach on her roommates’ clothes after a perceived betrayal. All the while, the girls are hooking up with a long parade of men.

“Bad Girls” is raunchy and it’s ridiculous, for sure. But it’s also become the most-watched show on the cheeky women’s network.

This year it seems that Bad Girls has kept in the race as one of TV’s top draws on Tuesday night (see the table on the bottom of this Media Life article).

I guess this is what should be expected in a world where the lines between good and bad are slowly disappearing.


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  1. Hey John I was listening to one of your podcasts and you were talking about how women have been turned in to sexual objects. Tell me since when have women not been treated like objects and property to men. Since the dawn of time Men have been trying to own us either by controlling our minds and saying you can only learn or talk about this while they do whatever the heck they want, to today’s sexualized culture. You can’t just blame today’s media you guys have been workin this scam for years and just because today we are allowed to have minds does not make it worse if you guys try to control us or make us into objects. Don’t act like this is a recent occurance. Women have been treated like this since before the iceage. Feel free to e-mail me or reply.

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