Ariana Grande upset about being objectified

Posted on: 01/5/17 4:33 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Ariana-Grande-Dangerous-Woman-videoPop singer Ariana Grande went on a Tweet rant about being “objectified.”

I’m sorry. I’m trying my hardest to not roll on the ground laughing.

I honestly checked the date. Nope. Not April 1st. I was about to check Quentin Tarantino’s Twitter and see if he was upset about gratuitous violence.

Apparently Ariana was getting food with her boyfriend, rapper Mac Miller last week when a young boy approached the two of them loud and excited. Then he said something to Ariana’s boyfriend that crossed the line.

Ariana tells the story in her Twitter: (profanity edited by me)

I thought all of this was cute and exciting until he said “ariana is sexy as hell man I see you, I see you hitting that!!!” *pause* Hitting that? the f**k? This may not seem like a big deal to some of you but I felt sick and objectified.

“Hitting that” is a colloquialism for having sex.

Apparently this fan’s words made Ariana feel objectified.

Question: were they his own words?

Let’s back up for a moment. For many of us, Ariana needs no introduction. I’ve written about her before, especially her recent song Side to Side, a song about how her sexually escapades the previous night (literally she refers to “riding d**k bicycle”) have her so sore she’s walking “side to side” the next day.

And if by chance someone argues that is not the meaning of the song, you might want to listen to her response to MTV News where she clarified:

“That whole song is about riding leading to soreness,” the pop star explained. “’Ride d–k bicycle’ is the lyric, indeed.”

Her boyfriend probably doesn’t mind what she’s preaching, because here’s a piece of his poetry… from his song, God is Fair, Sexy Nasty: (again, I’ll edit the profanity)

Yeah and a freak mind is divine so we f**k from behind
On these sides, between thighs, I eat up
Why do, why do anything but trust myself?
Tried to give her up but she f**k so well
Man that b**ch so cold, man that b**ch so cold
I’ma take my time, I’ma hit that slow

That might cast a little more light on why this young fan told Mac, “I see you hitting that!” Maybe he was just quoting the lyrics. Maybe when this same young man sees Paul McCartney with his wife he yells, “I see why you want to hold her hand!”

I’m not in any way endorsing making objectifying comments to women. It’s never tolerable. I’m just arguing that this young man might have poor role models filling his ears most nights, singers whose smooth lyrics offer this kind of wisdom:

Feeling like I wanna rock with your body
And we don’t gotta think ’bout nothin’
I’m comin’ at ya
‘Cause I know you got a bad reputation
Doesn’t matter, ’cause you give me temptation… (
Ariana Grande, Side to Side)

Shame on him for letting Ariana and Mac’s lyrics get to him. He should know better.

Shouldn’t he?

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  1. I thought the exact same thing. Wondered if it was a joke. If I would’ve been eating cereal when I first read, milk would’ve shot out my nose.

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