America’s Happiest People

Posted on: 11/12/08 4:31 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Do you wonder who enjoys their job the most?

A University of Chicago study offers a little insight into “Job Satisfaction in the United States.” And guess what came up as #1?


All you pastor and youth pastors, go ahead and celebrate… or maybe you already are… after all, you’re the happiest. You rate #1 for happiness with your occupation. You’re followed by firefighters, travel agents, architects, and special ed teachers.

Check out the whole article here.

(ht to David R. Smith)

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2 Replies to “America’s Happiest People”

  1. Fascinating. Up to now, most studies I’ve read have said that clergy have one of the top jobs for burnout and such. Fireman and other “public service” types of jobs have some of the highest divorce and stress rates. Any thoughts about the seeming paradox or contradictions? I’ll tell you that I’m not terribly happy with my job right now as a youth pastor.

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