My Baby in Uganda

Posted on: 02/15/13 3:01 AM | by Jonathan McKee

As I’m stepping on a plane to NC today for a weekend of teaching, it’s actually my second trip to the airport within the last 24 hours. Yesterday Lori and I dropped off my daughter Alyssa, my dad and my mom at the airport where they joined a team of 21 people from our church who are going to Uganda to serve for two weeks.

I’m so excited for Alyssa… and a little scared.

I know I shouldn’t be worried. Our church has sent teams to partner with these Ugandan churches for years now. It’s an amazing time where Christians from different countries learn from each other and worship alongside one another. My dad is going to be training hundreds of Ugandan pastors, my mom (a CSUS professor) will be teaching at a women’s conference, and my little Alyssa (17) will be helping where needed and using her awesome photo skills to be taking pictures of the whole trip.

But she’s still my little girl!

Yesterday she and her little thrift store suitcase (she insisted on it) boarded the plane, traveling through Turkey, then on to Kampala. I don’t know Uganda, but I know that some of the places they will be serving in the next two weeks are Soroti and Gulu.

Prayer warriors: Please lift Alyssa, my mom and dad up in prayer the next two weeks. Pray that God uses them and teaches them. Pray for safety. Pray for strength.

I’m always at peace that God is in charge… but it’s always still a little scary sending your little girl halfway around the globe.

I appreciate your prayers!

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  1. Dear John Mckee and your Daughter,
    I a appreciate you journey to east Africa , in Uganda and your Baby working with churches in Uganda this Gods doing over there i wish i were with you over there i would have come and we celebrate Jesus Christ together with you and other project ,it is my deres if possible to extend your journey to and join our Churches in Kenya also if possible in Jesus name , you have my friend for long time and i have seen your excellent work please!! invite you with your team to reach here in Ho ma bay Kenya we are bordering Uganda through Busia John , this my cell phone +254726296414 , i would to hear from you Yours in Christ Pastor Charles Mug a of Christian Salem Christian family Church Kenya.

    1. Thanks Pastor Charles, I wish they could extend their trip, but they are booked full. Thank you so much for your invite. If you ever get over towards Kampala, stop by and say Hello to pastor Andrew Mwenge, pastor of Kampala Baptist Church. God Bless!

  2. I am praying for Alyssa, your parents, and their team. What a wonderful experience for everyone involved. May God richly bless all those involved with deeper faith in him and love for one another. Please share with us some of Alyssa’s pictures and stories of the amazing ways they witnessed God at work.

  3. I am praying for all who leave on mission trips this week. We have a group of 14 who are heading to Haiti on Tuesday! God uses His people to share His Word in so many ways! I will be lift your and ours in prayer for safe travels and for God’s will be served! I also lift you, Jonathan, prayer as your heart aches for your daughter! May our God of comfort bring peace and tranquility to your fears! Keep us posted on thier journey!

  4. i would like to meet your a youth and with a growing ministry in kampala uganda…get me on my email or my phone +256782077742

    1. Thank you Peter. Our pastor Paul, is leading our group from California and connecting with our friend and ministry partner Andrew Mwenge, pastor of Kampala Baptist Church. You can try to connect with Andrew if you want. Andrew is a great man of God. He knows where our church team is the next two weeks and could probably introduce you to them.

  5. Jonathan, I have a friend of mine named Samuel who runs an independent orphanage of 25 kids in Uganda. He is in desperate need of any kind of training and networking. Maybe he can plug into what your church is doing in Uganda. Do you have a contact I can maybe connect him with? He would be stoked!

    1. Thanks Nick. Our church partners with a local church there. Have your friend Samuel visit Andrew Mwenge, pastor of Kampala Baptist Church at the church there in Kampala. Andrew is a great guy.

      1. Hi Nick and Pastor Jonathan,
        I am so honored Nick for the connection you are trying to make, I am praying that we may meet up all here. And Jonathan, i am wondering if really Pastor Andrew, but i am also wondering if he will talk to his visitors from USA to come and visit with me at my orphanage home though. God bless you.

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